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Generationals Tour Blog: The Highlights (So Far) From The First Week

By Ted Joyner from Generationals on April 21, 2010


Generationals Tour Blog: The Highlights (So Far) From The First Week

Ted from Generationals checks in with some highlights from the band's first week on the road. So far, the group has played in cities throughout Appalachia and with every tour, they've had some good times (bonding over cole slaw) mixed in with some problems (breaking a bass string).

4/16 Cosmic Charlie's- Lexington, KY

This was a night of many firsts: getting to play with the Apples in stereo, getting to SEE Apples in stereo. And then breaking a bass string. Bass strings do not break often. I had never broken one. And as much as I'd like to report that the breakage occurred from excessive rocking, it actually just broke as we were line checking our instrument. LAME. so thus I was forced to introduce my self to Eric of Apples in Stereo as "Hi, I'm Ted, can I borrow your bass?"

Fortunately for us, Eric is a really nice guy and did not hesitate to let us use his bass. Which brings me to my next point: All of the Apples are really really nice guys.

So anyway we played the show with  Eric's bass and (I feel) we destroyed. The crowd in Lexington was really receptive to our stuff and we had a blast playing.

After we played, I met Robert Schneider for the first time and we chatted about being from Louisiana (him being from Ruston and Grant and I are from New Orleans and Tess is from Houma)

Then we all got to hang out and watch Apples play which was great fun. Its fascinating to watch an entire set comprised soley non-stop hits. And they perform in space suits(!) Then at some point that night I ate a chili cheese dog. I know thats gross but I intend to keep this log totally real and tell you the facts. It also had onions on it.

4/17 123 Pleasant- Morgantown WV

I had never been to morgantown before but it seemed like a really cool place. Also, as I think Grant mentioned earlier, Seth Kaufman is along with us on this tour and having him as been a tremendous joy. Seth and I have bonded over:

1. a shared like of cuban sandwiches
2. a shared dislike for cole slaw
3. a shared interest in cole slaw-related puns ("slaw firm", "sLaw and Order", "Slawyer from ABC's Slawst," and others)

Playing in Morgantown was really fun. I think we again did a pretty good job, and this time despite grants amp blowing a fuse half way through the set and me having to noodle around on the keys and tell stories to the crowd for 10 min.
It was a great night.

4/18 Rock and Roll Hotel- Washington DC-

This was our second time playing Rock and Roll hotel and it is a great venue. Whenever we play in DC we get to visit Dan the producer of our record Con Law and his wife Faye and their new baby Julian. Julian especially liked our yellow skull shaker.

Also on this tour with us is Laminated Cat and they are incredibly nice young kids. I was immediately struck by how high they sing! To my mind, it takes a real man to sing high. I really like alot of their songs and we listened to their recorded stuff in our van and i liked it alot.

4/19 Chronic Town- State College Pennsylvania

We missed getting to play at a venue called "Chronic Town" on 4/20 by one day! Tragedy. The high fiving would have never ended. But actually I'm told the name is really all about R.E.M. Not pot. I'll buy it.

This was our first night not playing with the Apples but the Monday night crowd at State College was looking to throw down nonetheless. We turned in yet another flawless set.

Next morning we got some breakfast with our good friend Dave Zach and headed toward Philly.


Events eventuating on the Apples tour Vol. 1 from Generationals on Vimeo.

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