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FYF FEST SUNDAY: Four Acts You Must Watch Including Mac DeMarco, MGMT And More

By Staff on August 23, 2013


FYF FEST SUNDAY: Four  Acts You Must Watch Including Mac DeMarco, MGMT And More


We've been excited about FYF Fest even before the line-up was announced. If we're going to be totally honest, we were pretty pumped about the SoCal fest's 10th anniversary  the minute that last year's headliners ended at L.A. State Historic Park (then we rode home on the Metro of course). Last week the daily schedules were revealed, and now it's time to really decide what (Sex and the City themed) stage we will be spending all of our time at. 


In case you need a hand in deciding who you should see first, we've compiled a small list of the acts you must watch this weekend!




Montreal artist, Mac DeMarco, is no stranger to theatrics. He is the kind of musician that loves to have fun and that translates to his live performances. He turns what normally seem like tranquil tracks (like "My Kind Of Woman" and "Dreamin'") into funky and fresh jams we can't stop. When DeMarco gets on stage, he does more than play songs, he entertains! Even if he just stood there with no real stage presence, De Marco's got the voice of an angel and it's worth seeing.


Mac DeMarco will be performing at 3:35PM at the Miranda Stage.





There was a reason that we had !!! play for us at SXSW earlier this year. They are still one of our favorite bands to see live. Not only are all of their songs worthy of being on any dance playlist, but the band itself would be the first people cutting a rug on the dance floor. With that sort of infectious personality and the musical chops to go with it, the FYF crowd won't know what hit it. Just make sure to hydrate as they play funky tracks like "One Girl/One Boy" and "Slyd" and look closely or you might miss their notable pelvic thrust.


!!! will be performing at 7:10PM on the Charlotte Stage


Photo by Liz Flyntz




Beach House's reputation as dream-pop leaders didn't just come about for no reason. Victoria LeGrand's voice echoes and rings in the ears enveloping the senses as the ambient instrumentals just push one even deeper into their music. They create a gorgeous and ethereal atmosphere through their soft, slow melodies that warrants more awe than daze. You end up leaving soothed from something that seemed almost surreal.


Beach House will be performing at 8:00PM on the Carrie Stage




We're not going to deny that years later we still sing "Time to Pretend" and "Electric Feel" like they're the tracks of this summer. MGMT makes music that is catchy, uplifting and feels classic. The psychadelic pop genre works for them so well and their shows just remind us why we can't go too long without seeing them. Old songs feel new again and the new songs become classic favorites.  There are no inhibitions when it comes to an MGMT show. Just the pure enjoyment of reveling in the unique music they create.


MGMT will be performing at 9:20PM on the Carrie Stage.

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