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FYF FEST SATURDAY: Four Acts You Must Watch Including Mikal Cronin, Yeah Yeah Yeahs & More

By Staff; Featured Photo by Breanna Murphy on August 22, 2013


FYF FEST SATURDAY: Four Acts You Must Watch Including Mikal Cronin, Yeah Yeah Yeahs & More


We've been excited about FYF Fest even before the line-up was announced. If we're going to be totally honest, we were pretty pumped about the SoCal fest's 10th anniversary  the minute that last year's headliners ended at L.A. State Historic Park (then we rode home on the Metro of course). Last week the daily schedules were revealed, and now it's time to really decide what (Sex and the City themed) stage we will be spending all of our time at. 


In case you need a hand in deciding who you should see first, we've compiled a small list of the acts you must watch this weekend!




Mikal Cronin has been making the festival rounds this year since the release of his sophomore album, MCII, and for good reason. He puts on a great performance. Want some physical proof? Make sure to catch him on stage as he shreds his guitar. No matter how many times we listen to "Change," we can't help rocking out right along with Cronin. The live experience just intensifies those feelings, making it a worthy performance not to miss.


Mikal Cronin will be performing at 4PM on the Carrie Stage.


Photo by Andrew Paynter




Chaz Bundick, the man behind Toro Y Moi, is a man of many talents and his live performance is a showcase of this multi-faceted magic. Not only can he remix songs to fit his swaying style, but he also can sing and play those groovy songs we've come to love on his records. He breaks genre boundaries with his songs, but no matter what you classify his music, he can create one hell of a dance party. The funky "Say That" immediately can get a crowd moving, but so can every other song in his repertoire. 


Toro Y Moi will be performing at 6:10PM on the Charlotte Stage.


Photo by Nacho Vidal




The wonderful thing about Delorean is that they're music is innovative and fun. The free-spirited twinkles of their synths set a mood that can get any person dancing with their music. Layering those keys with the uplifting rhythms and ambient vocals creates a communal atmosphere between artist and audience. What starts as something small ends up exploding into sonic bursts not to miss. Vague ideas of what songs like "Spirit" and "Stay Close" sounded like will then resound in the back of your mind long after the performance is over.


Delorean will be performing at 7:45PM in the Samantha's Tent.


Photo by Dan Martensen




There are no words to truly describe what it is like to watch the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not only is it something wonderful when you realize you know all the words to long-time favorites like "Zero" "Gold Lion" and "Maps," but it's Karen O's charisma and stage presence that truly brings them to life. Watching her dance around the stage while yelling out for "Heads Will Roll" and "Sacrilege" reminds you why YYYs have stayed at the top of the live acts list for so long.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be performing at 10:45PM on the Carrie Stage.

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