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First Impressions: We Are Scientists, “Barbara”

By Spencer Flanagan on May 19, 2010


First Impressions: We Are Scientists, “Barbara”

We Are Scientists



Release Date: June 15


Track Listing:

1. Rules Don’t Stop
2. I Don’t Bite
3. Nice Guys
4. Jack & Ginger
5. Pittsburgh
6. Ambition
7. Break It Up
8. Foreign Kicks
9. You Should Learn
10. Central AC


First Impressions:

- Indie-pop band We Are Scientists will release its fourth studio album, Barbara, June 15 on Masterswan/Megaforce, and for this release Keith Murray (guitar and vocals) and Chris Cain (bass and backup vocals) recruited ex-Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows to complete the band.

- Barbara has the familiar synth-heavy, dance-rock sound for which the band is known.

- The album’s first single, “Rules Don’t Stop,” has the same catchy hooks and danceable beats that made previous singles like “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt,” “It’s a Hit” (both from With Love & Squalor) and “After Hours” (from Brain Thrust Mastery and, of course, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist soundtrack) hits. “Rules Don’t Stop” is out now.

- Barbara also has its softer sides with songs like “Pittsburgh” and “Foreign Kicks.” They seem strategically placed between the album’s dominant catchy and up-beat tracks to hold listeners’ attention throughout all 10 songs.

Key Tracks:

“Rules Don’t Stop,” “I Don’t Bite,” “Break It Up,” “Nice Guys,” “You Should Learn”


Barbara has pretty much the same sound and feel of previous We Are Scientists albums, which could prove to be a very good thing since previous releases have earned the band Top 40 singles in the U.K., song placement in movies and TV shows and an ever-increasing following.

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