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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Ty Segall Band, “Slaughterhouse”

By Paula Mejia on June 22, 2012


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Ty Segall Band, “Slaughterhouse”

Ty Segall Band
Release Date: June 26, 2012


1. Death
2. I Bought My Eyes
3. Slaughterhouse
4. The Tongue
5. Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart
6. Wave Goodbye
7. Muscle Man
8. That’s The Bag I’m In
9. Diddy Wah Diddy
10. Mary Ann
11. Fuzz War

First Impressions:

- Segall has drastically expanded the breadth of his solo sound with Slaughterhouse, featuring a full lineup including garage rock peer Mikal Cronin as well as collaborators Charlie Moothart and Emily Rose Epstein.

- Whoa, OK. Ty and the gang are absolutely shredding on this album. “I Bought My Eyes” swells into a delirium of punk rock-infused psychedelia, while “Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart” roars with the bravado of White Blood Cells-era White Stripes.

- Man. I’m floored with how versatile Segall’s voice can be, from spine-jolting screeches on “Diddy Wah Diddy,” to a guttural growl for the reeling “That’s The Bag I’m In.”

- Consensus? Slaughterhouse is a dizzying record mirroring the hazy mirage of an endless summer, the soundtrack for aimless cruises down the highway and lazy days stretching on into gauzy nights.

Key Tracks:

“Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart,” “I Bought My Eyes” and “Wave Goodbye”


Can anyone seriously keep up with the bundle of projects Ty Segall has taken on just in the past year? From folksy ‘60s collab Hair (with Tim Presley's White Fence) to the fuzzy intensity of Slaughterhouse, the only thing that’s certain about Segall’s future are the endless disciplines and varied sounds that drive him.

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