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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The Elected, “Bury Me In My Rings”

By Clare R. Lopez on March 3, 2011


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The Elected, “Bury Me In My Rings”

The Elected
Bury Me In My Rings
Release Date: May 17, 2011


1. Born To Love You
2. Babyface
3. Look At Me Now
4. Jailbird
5. Go For The Throat
6. This Will Be Worth It
7. Trip Round The World
8. When I'm Gone
9. Who Are You
10. Have You Been Cheated
11. See The Light
12. Time Is Coming

First Impressions:

- The last time anyone heard from Blake Sennett's The Elected was in 2006, when Sun, Sun, Sun and Jenny Lewis' Rabbit Fur Coat were released on the exact same day. It was an awkward moment for any loyal Rilo Kiley fan who ever spent time looking up the tabs to Blake's riffs and thinking about Jenny's heartfelt lyrics. But after five years of silence, The Elected finally return on May 17th with Bury Me In My Rings via Vagrant.

- The album's longest song, "This Will Be Worth It," is a throwback to the classic "last song at the dance" and maintains this sense of grandeur for just over six minutes. It's a surprising take on the type of song you would otherwise expect to be all too brief, which makes the title that much more appropriate.

- There are small traces of what Sennett brought to Rilo Kiley on Bury Me In My Rings. Among them are a hint of Under the Blacklight's tribute to '70s pop on "Look At Me Now" and the dominant ukelele on More Adventurous' "Ripchord" takes center stage once again on "Trip Round The World" and "See The Light." It is just enough to feel comfortably familiar, but these elements also sound more explored and expanded upon.

- "Who Are You" pairs the sliding sounds of an acoustic guitar with a string section and the occasional tap of the tambourine. While it is perhaps the moodiest of the 12 tracks both musically and lyrically, it's also the least conventionally melodic despite the instrumentation.

Key Tracks:

"Jailbird," "This Will Be Worth It," "Trip Round The World," "Who Are You"


With Bury Me In My Rings sounding much stronger than Sun, Sun, Sun, fans will undoubtedly be glad to hear Blake Sennett's voice again—and for more than one reason.

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