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First Impressions: !!!, “Strange Weather, Isn’t It?”

By Daniel Kohn on June 17, 2010


First Impressions: !!!, “Strange Weather, Isn’t It?”

Strange Weather, Isn’t It?
Warp Records
Release Date: August 24


1. AM/FM
2. The Most Certain Sure
3. Wannagain Wannagain
4. Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
5. Steady As The Sidewalk Cracks
6. Hollow
7. Jump Back
8. Even Judas Gave Jesus A Kiss
9. The Hammer

First Impressions:

- Strange Weather, Isn’t It? is the Sacramento-based dance-punk outfit !!!’s first release since 2007’s Myth Takes.

- The band has changed since its last release: there have been a number of personnel changes, with vocalist Nic Offer, guitarist Mario Andreoni, saxophonist/percussionist Dan Gorman, drummer Paul Petrone and vocalist Shannon Funchess remaining from the initial lineup.

- This is the group’s first album since the tragic death of drummer Jerry Fuchs. The album was co-produced by the band with Eric ‘Babytalk’ Broucek, the former in-house engineer for DFA. It was also recorded in Berlin, New York and Sacramento.

- The album starts with “AM/FM,” which combines elements of late ‘80s Manchester (think groups like New Order) with the club music of ‘90s Berlin. Offer’s vocals blend well with the drum and bass dominated music.

- “Wannagain Wannagain” is a funky dance tune that features a wicked guitar solo in the middle, which gives it an ominous tone. This song features the band’s trademark synthesizer, which will make this a song that people can dance and bob their heads to all night long.

- The vibe of the album takes a turn on “Steady As The Sidewalk Cracks.” For the first time on the album, it doesn’t feel like there is a darkness looming over the song. The dance beats, combined with a subtle saxophone and guitar make for a fun song.

Key Tracks:

“The Most Certain Sure,” “Steady As The Sidewalk Cracks,” and “Even Judas Gave Jesus A Kiss.”


Strange Weather, Isn’t It?, though different in tone, does not disappoint. Though they’ve battled through a lot of adversity, !!! delivers an album of songs that will please core fans and dance music aficionados alike.

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