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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Milo Greene, “Milo Greene”

By Alejandro Rubio on May 17, 2012


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Milo Greene, “Milo Greene”

Milo Greene
Milo Greene
Release Date: July 17, 2012

Track List:

1. What’s The Matter
2. Orpheus
3. Don’t You Give Up On Me
4. Perfectly Aligned
5. Silent Way
6. 1957
7. Wooden Antlers
8. Take A Step
9. Moddison
10. Cutty Love
11. Son My Son
12. Polaroid
13. Autumn Tree

First Impressions:

—When I was handed Milo Greene’s debut album I thought, “Milo Greene? I’ve never heard of that guy.” I did a quick Google search and after seeing photos of a band, I was immediately thankful I hadn't said that out loud. But I quickly moved on from that private embarrassment, put on the CD and studied the Ivan Albright-esque cover as the disc spun up to speed.

—“What’s The Matter” begins the album with disoriented string and wind instruments that are knocked aside by driving drums and towering gang vocals which make you feel like you’ve just woken up sun-baked and mad in a massive sweat lodge. I like how the melodic bass line structures the song while the marauding guitar only presents itself when the coast is clear.

—By the time the fifth track, “Silent Way,” rolls around it’s obvious that these guys had an understanding that recording this album was going to be a group effort. There are no stars here. Every instrument on the song, from the drums to the guitar and banjo to the bass, compliments the other and never tries to take center stage. Even the vocals possess a musical quality that is more conscious about sound than storytelling.

—On to the eighth track, “Take A Step,” and from the get go, it strikes me as the most upbeat track. The piano skips in between the spaces while the giddy-up drum rolls signal the musical shifts in the song.

—“Moddison,” the ninth track, starts out with panning ethereal synths followed by a distant arpeggiated guitar. Syncopated drums and hovering vocals enter the song to drag the it out of a dream, but only for a few moments before the tracks ends and moves on to the tenth. There are other short-lived tracks on this album that seem to be snapshots of spontaneous musical moments that were left as is and never ruined by being pulled into a song.

Key Tracks:

“What's The Matter,” “Take A Step,” and “Moddison”


It's pretty incredible that Milo Greene can sound so mature and focused on their debut full-length. I'm sure they're going to draw comparisons to bands like Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene, but the thing with those bands is that they have shit ton of members, while Milo Greene manages to achieve their sound with only five. If the band can pull off their sweeping sound on stage with their small numbers then they're definitely going to stake their claim on your summer playlist.

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