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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Kasabian, “Velociraptor!”

By Emily Caldwell on October 13, 2011


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Kasabian, “Velociraptor!”

Release Date: September 27, 2011

Track List:

1. Let's Roll Like We Used To
2. Days Are Forgotten
3. Goodbye Kiss
4. La Fee Verte
5. Velociraptor!
6. Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter From the Storm)
7. I Hear Voices
8. Re-Wired
9. Man of Simple Pleasures
10. Switchblade Smiles
11. Neon Noon

First Impressions:

- I popped Kasabian's much anticipated fourth album into my car on the Arizona highway as I started a 250 mile jaunt through the desert. Squinting in the early morning Tucson sun, I couldn't think of a better ride to experience a record like "Velociraptor!" Full of what we love most about Kasabian, the album plays with nostalgic remnants, mixes electronic beats, and once again pushes the music envelope.

- The album opens mysteriously with "Let's Roll Like We Used To", which upon reveal, could very well be a forgotten Last Shadow Puppets track. With producer Dan the Automator, Kasabian brings sounds like gongs to Arabian strings and atmospheric musings woven into the album's 11 tracks.

-We hear Pizzarno a little more conventional singing "La Vee Ferte", channeling Serge with a Beatles-esque brilliance at times. On the opposite end of the spectrum, title track "Velociraptor!" with its playful, spitting lyrics comes very nearly to being considered a little, dare I say "silly", but as always Kasabian manages to pull it off.

- I couldn't help but envision Kasabian's new tracks, "I Hear Voices" in particular, being re-mixed into club anthems, played "one minute to midnight" to clubs from London to LA.

- People have wondered whether Kasabian will continue to be able to outrun the shadow of the Gallaghers. I have to say that at times, I felt Oasis being channeled for the sake of bringing an influx of fans who are hungry for the sound. As for US fans, it could be just the right Brit-pop sound they're looking for

Key Tracks:

"Days Are Forgotten,"Switchblade Smiles"," and "La Vee Ferte"


Before I try and predict anything, I must mention that Tom Meighan has now infamously declared in June that Kasabian's "Velociraptor!" will change people's lives". I can say with a tracklist so diverse with so many satisfying risks taken, the response in the UK as well as newer audiences in the US should be well-earned for this record. Whether or not it will change people's lives aside, it will be one hell of a tour to watch out for stateside.

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