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First Impressions: Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

By Kate Cliffen on February 16, 2010


First Impressions: Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma
Flying Lotus
Track Lising:
01. Clock Catcher
02. Pickled!
03. Nose Art
04. Intro//A Cosmic Drama
05. Zodiac Shit
06. ...And The World Laughs With You
07. Arkestry
08. Mmmhmm
09. Do The Astral Plane
10. Satelllliiiiiteee
11. German haircut
12. Recoiled
13. Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
14. Drips//Auntie’s Harp
15. Table Tennis
16. Galaxy In Janaki
First Impressions:
-Flying Lotus is back with his highly awaited third studio album – Cosmogramma. The man himself describes the album, which features a number of guest vocalists and instrumentalists, as a ‘space opera.’ And, funny enough, that’s pretty much what it is.
-Cosmogramma opens with the mystifying track, ‘Clock Catcher.’ It’s genre-unclear, but it already sounds dissimilar to his previous work. The collision of textures and noise really sets the vibe and gets you pretty keyed up for what’s about to come.
-Things really take off in the third track, ‘Noise Art.’ It’s glitchy, it’s squeaky, and it’s bouncy - this is knob-tweaking electro at it’s best, resulting in, well…noise art.
-A massive contrast comes in the tracks ‘Intro//A Cosmic Drama’ and ‘Zodiac Shit.’ They are both fairly ambient, and amongst a whole range of new sounds, is a mesmerizing harp - which adds a new depth to the track. Think Jason & The Argonauts meets Alice in Wonderland, truly wacky, but truly wondrous. 
-‘…And The World Laughs With You,’ features guest vocals from the man with his finger in all the pies – yes, it’s Thom Yorke. This is quite an upbeat number, and Yorke’s vocals are a perfect fit for FlyLo’s operatic new sound - It’s a flawless track, and an album highlight.
-After some slightly unnerving arrangements, which sound straight out of a 1950’s slasher flick, the album flows into ‘Do The Astral Plane.’ Here, FlyLo returns to some of the hip-hop sounds of 2008s Los Angeles, but adds some big bass and dirty synth, ensuing in a big electro cut. The album turns another corner with ‘Recoiled,’ which feels almost like old-time improvised jazz.
Ket Tracks:
“Noise Art,” “…And The World Laughs With You,’ “Arkestry,” “Do The Astral Plane”
After reinventing a whole new area of electro/beats with 2008's Los Angeles, Flying Lotus has already been hailed as the sound wizard of his generation - and Cosmogramma certainly doesn’t disappoint. The album is a real clash of sounds and genres, and FlyLo has definitely expanded on his already experimental sound. Innovative, exciting and a real journey - but through where, It’s hard to say.

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