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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Dent May, “Warm Blanket”

By Chloe Nguyen; Photo by Aaron Beasley on June 17, 2013


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Dent May, “Warm Blanket”

Dent May
Warm Blanket
Release date: August 27, 2013



01. Turn Up The Speakers 
02. Let Them Talk
03. Born Too Late
04. Yazoo
05. Corner Piece
06. Do I Cross Your Mind?
07. It Takes A Long Time
08. I’m Ready To Be Old
09. Endlessly
10. Found A Friend
11. Summer is Over

First impressions

- After winning us over with 2009’s aptly titled The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele and 2012’s summery, ukulele-less Do Things, Mississippi singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Dent May is set to release his third album Warm Blanket on Paw Tracks this August.

- The crooner discovered by Animal Collective really pushed the artistic envelope on this one; he played almost all the instruments on the album (listen for the antique grand piano on numerous tracks) and recruited Florida locals to fill in on horns, strings and pedal steel guitar.

- Warm Blanket opens with the one-minute “Turn Up The Speakers,” on which Dent serenades, “Dim down the lights real low / Turn up the speakers doll / I’ve got something on my mind.” The tone of the opening track suggests that the album will be introspective as well as warm and cuddly.

- Listening to Warm Blanket, it’s evident that Dent’s lounge-friendly voice is still his best weapon. Thanks to his strong grasp of melody, the songs’ catchy, well-laced harmonies help to accentuate and elevate his set of pipes.

- With its airy acoustic guitars, analog synth squiggles, soaring arrangements and vocal melodies, Warm Blanket is a bold step for Dent, but it doesn’t quite have the pop sheen of Do Things.

Key tracks

“Born Too Late,” “It Takes A Long Time”


While there are no mega-hits on this album, the one thing that Warm Blanket succeeds in doing is showcasing Dent’s talent as an artist. This guy is musically proficient…that’s for sure. 

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