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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: David Bazan, “Strange Negotiations”

By Geneva Perezcastaneda on February 11, 2011


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: David Bazan, “Strange Negotiations”

David Bazan
Strange Negotiations
Barsuk Records
Release Date: May 24, 2011


01. Wolves At The Door
02. Level With Yourself
03. Future Past
04. People
05. Virginia
06. Eating Paper
07. Messes
08. Don't Change
09. Strange Negotiations
10. Won't Let Go

First Impressions:

- With the help of adoring fans eagerly anticipating a new album, Pedro the Lion frontman David Bazan raised enough money in merchandise sales to complete his second solo full-length, Strange Negotiations—out May 24 on Barsuk Records.

- The album opens with "Wolves At The Door," which immediately sets the tone as Bazan sings, "You're a goddamned fool/And I love you," with a steady bass line in the background. Bazan stays true to his emotional narratives with the help of his melancholy vocals.

- Bazan continues his storytelling with "Eating Paper" with a mixture of piano, guitars and a steady drum beat. He belts out the chorus in this song in a way that you won't hear anywhere else in the album, which only adds more emotion to the song.

- There is a mood of  sadness and hope throughout the record and Bazan stays close to his days in Headphones with this album, but still gives Strange Negotiations its own character.

Key Tracks:

"Wolves At The Door," "Future Past," "Don't Change," and "Won't Let Go"


Luckily Barsuk was able to give Bazan an upgrade in sound equipment so the echo of his basement surroundings wasn't heard in the drum recordings, as they were on Curse Your Branches. The sound quality here amplifies the emotional narratives Bazan has an art of telling through his music. Those hoping for a Pedro the Lion sound will find something a little different in this album, but will still find themselves satisfied with the work Bazan has done, as he stays true to his sound and his talented storytelling.

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