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Born Ruffians Unveil New Album, Art; First Impressions of “Say It”

By Staff on February 25, 2010


Born Ruffians Unveil New Album, Art; First Impressions of “Say It”
Born Ruffians
Say It
Release date: June 1

1. Oh Man
2. Retard Canard
4. What To Say
5. The Ballad Of Moose Bruce
6. Higher & Higher
7. Come Back
8. Nova Leigh
9. Blood, The Sun & Water
10. At Home Now
First Impressions:

- If Born Ruffians’ 2008 debut album Red Yellow and Blue was the result of a talented and precocious gang of freshmen, their follow-up, Say It (scheduled to come out in early 2010), would be the project they left college for to head to the pros — a pronouncement that not only are they smart and ambitious to make it on their own, but they know they are ready to make it in the big time and aren’t looking back. 
- The album was recorded in Toronto and mastered in Brooklyn.
-“Oh Man” is an up-tempo rocker that starts the album off with a bang. Mitch Derosier’s bassline is groovy.
-Lead singer Luke LaLonde’s distinct vocals set the tone of the album.
-“Retard Canard” initially sounds like a classic garage-rock tune, but it evolves as the drums and bass build. The mix sounds really tight.
-“What To Say” is a lo-fi beauty that’s catchy and will have you bobbin' your heads.
Key Tracks:

"Oh Man,” “Retard Canard,” "Sole Brother," “What To Say”

The Canadian trio will see their exposure rise with this record. With a plethora of lo-fi, indie-pop gems, Born Ruffians could be the next big buzz band to emerge from Canada.

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