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First Impressions: Annuals - Sweet Sister EP

By Kate Cliffen on February 23, 2010


First Impressions: Annuals - Sweet Sister EP
Sweet Sister EP
Banter Media
Release Date: 3/30

1. Loxtep
2. Turncloaking
3. Sweet Sister
4. Holler and Hawl
5. Flesh and Blood
First Impressions:
-Sweet Sister is the new EP from North Carolina indie-pop outfit, Annuals.
-The EP opens with contentedly cheery track, "Loxstep." It has a slight Latin feel, and alongside Adam Baker’s smoother than smooth vocals, this is an uplifting and quirky, yet sophisticated pop song.
-The next track, "Turncloaking," a more atmospheric number, is followed by the bongo enthused "Sweet Sister." In tracks such as "Sweet Sister" and "Loxstep," you can really sense where world music has played a part in the band's energetic and expansive sound.
-The style changes again for "Holler and Howl." It’s a whimsical and rootsy song and, as ever, the six-piece keep a really tight sound and nicely flowing rhythm. 
-For the EP closer, the band puts it own stamp on the Johnny Cash classic "Flesh and Blood," turning another corner in this eclectic collection of songs. It can, of course, be very risky covering such highly regarded artists, but Annuals front man Adam Baker pulls it off, as he fluidly sings, “Flesh and blood need flesh and blood / and you’re the one I need.”
Key Tracks:

“Loxstep,” “Sweet Sister”

The eclectic nature of this EP is clever, charismatic and highly likeable - Annuals manages to take us from Latin America to Tennessee in just five tracks. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s indie-pop done right.

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