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First Aid Kit Tour Blog: Singing for the Police, Firefly Sightings, French Lessons

By Johanna and Klara from First Aid Kit on June 14, 2010


First Aid Kit Tour Blog: Singing for the Police, Firefly Sightings, French Lessons

After our show at The Media Club in Vancouver, we started our journey towards Minneapolis.  The first day we drove to Billings, Montana where we stayed at a hotel there for 3 hours to get some rest. The drive was very long, 20 hours, but it wasn't a problem because the scenery was extremely beautiful in Montana. We saw lots and lots of prairies. We also had Melrose Place Season 3 to entertain us in the car (How crazy is that show??!). Most of the time we were pretty much alone on the road when we drove. Even though we come from a country that is far from densely populated, we found it a bit odd.

The next day we continued to Minneapolis. The drive was supposed to be 12 hours, but because of a little incident we had to drive an additional 6 hours. In the morning we ate breakfast at a place called 4B's Diner in Miles City, Montana. Then we drove 3 hours and stopped at a gas station close to Dickinson. What we noticed there was that we had forgotten our very important backpack at the diner in Miles City  - we freaked out. We had to drive back to Miles City and collect the backpack. Luckily the people at the diner had turned it to the Miles City Police Department, so we went there and picked it up. The officer who helped us was very, very kind and we had to sing a song for him. We also gave the people at 4B's Diner a CD, to thank them for not stealing the backpack.

The show in Minneapolis the following day was at the Cedar Center, a venue where they invited bands from all over the world to perform. There had been a lot of Scandinavian bands there before, as we could see on the poster they had put up in their green room. They also put up a Swedish flag and some ABBA LPs for us so we felt very at home. What made us the most happy, though, was that they had Tiny Tim's kitchen cabinet from his home in Cleveland (it's in the picture where Johanna has the funny pink wig). If you ever feel sad, listen to Tiny Tim's "Livin' in the sunlight, Lovin' in the moonlight" and you'll instantly feel better. At least, we do. The show went well, it was a beautiful venue and a great crowd!

The next day we drove to Chicago and played a show at Schuba's. We ate their delicious Mac & Cheese. It was a sold out show. We were really excited and the show was fantastic.  Cleveland was next on the list. We saw our very first firefly outside the venue, which was a big thing for us. We also went to a toy store and bought a Paul Stanely doll for our 6 your old brother who loves KISS.   The weekend brought us back to Canada for shows in Toronto and Montreal, and more opportunity to perfect the Canadian accent. Toronto was a great show, and we loved the architecture in the city.  Montreal was fun in that we were able to speak French with the audience - our french is un peu rusty, but we think they understood us!

klara & johanna

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