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FILTER’S Top 5 Stories Of The Week Including Howe Gelb, Lissie + More (In Case You Missed It)

By Staff on November 9, 2013


FILTER’S Top 5 Stories Of The Week Including Howe Gelb, Lissie + More (In Case You Missed It)


Sometimes you just can't bring yourself to read every single thing that goes up on the internet. Who has time to go through all of those cat gifs and youtube comments besides us? Don't worry, we get it, and we want to help!


Here for your weekend round-up reading pleasure are the top stories that FILTER had to offer this past week in a delicious bite-size format. Dig in!


1. MP3: Howe Gelb Shares “Unforgivable” from New Record “The Coincidentalist” (FILTER Exclusive): With a stop-start groove, wah-wah guitar and filtered, dusty vocals, the atmosphere of “Unforgivable,” Gelb's latest track off of his new record The Coincidentalist, feels more specifically like a laidback party in a Western saloon.


2. WATCH: Lissie Shares Her Musical History In Ernie Ball’s “Set Me Up” Session: As she goes through the chords of her beautiful track, "Further Away (Romance Police)," Maurus explains why it was necessary for her to pick up a guitar and teach herself to play. We learn about the role of music in her life, her songwriting process and why female musicians are so inspiring to her, all while hearing pieces of a breathtaking performance by Lissie and her band.










3. LOOK: Celebrate A Night Of Music While Giving Back At SongCauze’s “Elysium Sessions”: There's nothing quite as rewarding than when a true passion can help people in need. Songcauze, a new "donation-only "music for charity" company", is doing just that by presenting the Elysium Sessions Event Series: a night of music that will help benefit children with serious medical conditions.










4.FILTER HOW TO: Make An Old-Fashioned With Midlake: It's Friday, it's the end of the week, and we're already looking forward to happy hour. We invited some of the guys from Midlake (who own a bar in their hometown of Denton, Texas, no less) to show us how to prep and pour a proper whiskey old-fashioned.









5. REVIEW: Luscious Jackson: Nostalgia is tricky. It comes naturally to romanticize the past, but start waxing nostalgic for yesterday and you can come off as out of touch, or worse: unironic. Earlier attempts to define the ’90s as a stand-alone era have crashed and burned, but a solid 20 years now distancing us allows a reprieve.

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