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FILTER’s Top 5 Stories of The Week Featuring Flea + More (In Case You Missed It)

By Staff on June 15, 2013


FILTER’s Top 5 Stories of The Week Featuring Flea + More (In Case You Missed It)


Sometimes you just can't bring yourself to read every single thing that goes up on the internet. Who has time to go through all of those cat gifs and youtube comments besides us? Don't worry, we get it, and we want to help!


Here for your weekend round-up reading pleasure are the top stories that FILTER had to offer this past week in a delicious bite-size format. Dig in!


1. FLEA SENDS OUT TEASER TWEET ANNOUNCING ATOMS FOR PEACE SECRET SHOW: As we perused the Twittersphere (okay, we're sorry we called it that) Monday morning, we couldn't help but notice that one of our favorite bassists, Flea, posted something around 140 characters that piqued our interest...


2. POLIÇA FIGHTS THEIR INNNER DEMONS IN VIOLENT VIDEO FOR TIFF: Poliça has a way of creeping into our emotional depths, and with their new video for "Tiff," they do it in a violent way. It seems that the band has taken a dark turn for their new album, Shulamith, that is due out this fall via Mom + Pop.










3. EXCLUSIVE: IN THE STUDIO WITH PHANTOGRAM: FILTER stopped by the Los Angeles studio where the New York duo Phantogram are finishing up their new album. They played us four or five few new songs (one was being referred to as "Intro," which they played on their most recent US tour to open their set; one had the working title "Church Workshop") to whet our appetites for the forthcoming sophomore full-length.









4. THIS IS HEAD BRINGS US INTO THE OCCULT WORLD WITH "ILLUMINATION": The video for "Illumination" takes us through an interesting whirlwind of events that starts with a friendly dinner and ends with everyone finding themselves possessed after a séance gone awry. The whimsical synths drive this story to creepy heights, but the eccentric trance dances add a fun element to it that's worth watching.











5. PORTUGAL. THE MAN'S DANGER MOUSE-PRODCED "EVIL FRIENDS" MIRRORS ITS MAKERS:There are essentially two components enmeshed to form Evil Friends—the melodies that Portugal. The Man wrote and performed, and the ambience that Danger Mouse cultivated through his production.

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