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FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Tom Gavin, of Gemini Club

By Staff on December 6, 2013


FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Tom Gavin, of Gemini Club


When it comes to end-of-year lists, it's definitely not all about us; we love to know what our favorite musicians and artists have been digging the most out of 2013, too, and we're thrilled to share those lists here.

The Chicago electronica four-piece, Gemini Club has had quite a year of touring, including our very own Culture Collide! The band's Tom Gavin took some time to share his favorites of 2013 that you can check out below!



Tom Gavin's Top Ten of 2013


1. Kanye West, Yeezus
"As he said to Zane Lowe, "As Kanye West, I have to fuck shit up," and man, he's good at it. Sonically, it's one of the most innovative and fearless records I've heard in a while. Even Lou Reed, who was in very poor health, reviewed the album and raved. Who am I to argue with Lou?"


2. Arcade Fire, Reflektor
"AF is managing to pull off something very difficult; become a bigger band and a better, more creative band simultaneously. They don't fuck up."


3. Daft Punk, Random Access Memories
"Yeah, I know, I'm putting a lot of heavy hitters at the top of this list, but they deserve to be there."



4. Disclosure, "Latch"
"Who doesn't like this song?"


5. Hey Champ, "Comet"
"I've know these guys forever and our studios are next to one another in Chicago. They're always churning out infectiously danceable tracks. They are also good drinking buddies. Too good in fact."


6. The Breaking Bad FInale


7. Everything Hedi Slimane is doing at Saint Laurent
"The guy is a genius."





9. St. Paul and the Broken Bones
"I wanted to ask the singer if he was exhausted from channelling Otis Redding. If you close your eyes, you'd swear it was him."


10. Anything my friend Michael Donovan shoots.


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