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FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Team Spirit

By Staff on December 18, 2013


FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Team Spirit



When it comes to end-of-year lists, it's definitely not all about us; we love to know what our favorite musicians and artists have been digging the most out of 2013, too, and we're thrilled to share those lists here.

Brooklyn's Team Spirit may not have been around for long, but they already have a great sounding self-titled EP under their belt. For their top 10 list, they step away from the music and focus on film. More specifically, they have some very interesting opinions about Nicholas Cage, but then again, who doesn't?


Team Spirit's Top 10 Nicholas Cage Films:


1. Face Off
"I mean, he is both the bad guy AND the good guy. And the amount of times he says "face-off" is just remarkable."



2. The Rock
""I'LL TAKE PLEASURE IN GUTTIN' YOU, BOY!!!" amongst a myriad of other timeless catch-phrases. Also that chase scene is the best, and the toms in the score are just so EPIC."


3. National Treasure
""American Treasure???" Ayad presumed before Dan corrected him. Still, it's def an AMERICAN classic. And for the kids!"


4. Kick Ass
"It's all about the scene where he is tied-up in flames giving his assasin daughter murdering directions whilst screaming in agony. Classic Cage."


5. Lord of War
"So deep. Jared Leto played as himself in 30 Seconds to Mars, too."



6. Leaving Las Vegas
"Ok. I'll admit at first I thought this was actually 3000 Miles to Graceland. Which rules but doesn't include Nicholas Cage. Never saw this one, but I'll leave it in just because."


7. Raising Arizona
"A bunch of ex-cons raise a kidnapped baby (making them cons again). Coen brothers directed this and it's pretty damn awesome."


8. Con Air
""Beautiful? Sunsets are beautiful, newborn babies are beautiful. This... this is fucking SPECTACULAR!" Add in Cusack and Malkovich an you have a winner!"


9. City of Angels
"Who can watch this movie and not totally cry when the Goo Goo Dolls song kicks in?"


10. The Wicker Man
"I think I've only seen this remake on youtube as a compilation clip of good ol' Nick screaming and punching cultist women without remorse. But what a great video that was."


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