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FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Midlake

By Staff on December 20, 2013


FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Midlake

When it comes to end-of-year lists, it's definitely not all about us; we love to know what our favorite musicians and artists have been digging the most out of 2013, too, and we're thrilled to share those lists here.

After a hectic year of losing a lead singer and making a new album, Midlake were kind enough to swing by the FILTER office to talk with us about it. Oh, and they also took the time to make us some stiff drinks and show us around their hometown. Check out their rather unorthodox lists below, which include favorite television quotes and great places to run. 


Midlake's 2013 Favorites

"Dog Bites Man was a spectacularly funny fake news show on Comedy Central from 2006, starring Zach Galifianakis, among others, whose life span was tragically cut short by what we can only assume to be inexplicably meager ratings. Only nine episodes exist, and we Midlakers have all seen them multiple times. We strongly entreat you to give this program a viewing, if you appreciate genius comedy and enjoy laughing to tears. Here are our top 10 quotes from Dog Bites Man."

10. "That is so very typical of the behavior I've come to expect from Raven."

9. "To be more specific, I was talking to Bluetooth customer service about the other Bluetooth."

8. "I thought we were here to talk about facial sensitivity."

7. "If you get to the lampshade, you've gone too far!"

6. "Did anyone not get an autograph?"

5. Alan Finger: "You look nice, Tillie."

Tillie Sullivan: "Well thank you Allan! I appreciate that."

Alan Finger: "You're like a hooker. It's nice."

4. Kevin Beekin: '[Kevin is planning to go undercover as a homosexual] I don't know if I'm believable as a gay.'

Marty Shonson: "Well, a lot of your fan mail does say 'Kevin Beekin is a homo.'"

3. Marty Shonson: "Well, I have definitely looked down the double-barrel of the racist that I was made fun of a lot when I was a youngster for."

[pointing to his red hair]

Marty Shonson: "The old cinnamon bush up top. And uh, you know they called me all kinds of names. You know: carrot top, cinnamon top, copper top, cheeto head, cheeto top, butt pirate, ginger snap."

2. Kevin Beekin:  "Alan?"

Alan: "Yeah?"

Kevin: "Do you have an electric tooth brush?"

Alan: "No.  Do you?"

Kevin: "Yeah, we're you using mine?"

Alan: "Is yours electric?"

Kevin: "Yeah!"

Alan: "Yeah."

1. Marty Shonson- "Carmen Electra, FAKE BOOBS!"

"ALSO...several of the guys in Midlake are runners…so here is a list of top 10 places to run on tour (excluding Woodstock, NY, Lisbon and Denton.)"

10. Istanbul, Turkey

"Along the Sea of Marmara. Look for men selling rats and  women in full hijab on the playground."

9. New York, NY

"Between Manhattan and Brooklyn on the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Watch the traffic!"

8. Paris, FR

"Along the Seine, preferably listening to some Stereolab."

7. Los Angeles, CA

"Elysian Park. Watch out, it's pretty hilly!"

6. Utrecht, NE

"Through all the hidden, enchanted forests and streams."

5. Perth, AU

"Indian Ocean!"

4. Santa Cruz, CA

"Pacific Ocean!"

3. Bangor, Northern Ireland

"Atlantic Ocean!"

2. Washington, DC

"National Mall."

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

"Sheer beauty."


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