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FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Kathi Wilcox, Of The Julie Ruin

By Staff on December 31, 2013


FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Kathi Wilcox, Of The Julie Ruin

When it comes to end-of-year lists, it's definitely not all about us; we love to know what our favorite musicians and artists have been digging the most out of 2013, too, and we're thrilled to share those lists here.

The Julie Ruin released their debut album, Run Fast, earlier this year which included the infectious first single "Oh Come On." Along with fellow ex-Bikini Kill member Kathleen Hanna, guitarist Kathi Wilcox is ready to keep riot grrrl music going with their new New York based band. Here, Wilcox lets us in on her 10 "tops" for 2013.


Kathi Wilcox, Of The Julie Ruin's Top 10 of 2013

1. We Have an Anchor at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Jem Cohen's mesmerizing film about Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, with awesome live music by Guy Picciotto, Efrim Menuck, Jessica Moss, Sophie Trudeau, Jim White, Todd Griffin, and Mira Billotte.

2. Morrissey at BAM. Small theater, good sound, up-close and personal. The man was in good spirits, funny as ever, and he sounded terrific.

3. Atoms For Peace at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. I went with Kathleen and we felt like we were tripping on acid and/or being indoctrinated into a cult. It was amazing. Plus, Thom Yorke is a phenomenal dancer.

4. Jeff Mangum solo. I caught a couple of his solo shows early in the year, one at a small party and one at BAM. Both were epically great. I can't wait to see Neutral Milk Hotel in 2014.

5. Museum Hours by Jem Cohen. My favorite movie of the year. Touches on themes of life and death, art and friendship. I find new things to love every time I see it.

6. Asssscat Improv with Gloria Steinem. Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch are part of this comedy improv troupe. Gloria Steinem was the special guest the night we went. Someone from the audience calls out a word at random, the guest (Gloria) comes up with a personal story based on that word, and then the comedy team improvises skits based on that story. It was totally hilarious and bizarre. (I accidentally photo-bombed them backstage!)

7. Wendy Davis's 11-hour filibuster on floor of Texas State Senate in defense of women's reproductive rights. Needs no explanation. Go donate to her gubernatorial campaign.

8. Strike Debt's "Rolling Jubliee". This Occupy Wall Street offshoot raised enough money to anonymously and randomly buy (and relieve) over $14 million in Americans' personal medical debt in 2013.

9. Empire Drive-In, Queens. A pop-up drive-in and live-music event in a parking lot in Queens, with a bunch of old junked cars for seating. Everything built from reclaimed materials, from the movie screen to the concession stand. This was just a really, really cool scene.

10. Lorde, "Royals" - I love this song. A teenager expressing alienation from the current hyper-consumerist, status-oriented popular culture. What's not to love?

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