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FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Jared Swilley, of Black Lips

By Staff, photo by Zach Wolfe on December 4, 2013


FILTER’s Top 10 of 2013: Jared Swilley, of Black Lips


When it comes to end-of-year lists, it's definitely not all about us; we love to know what our favorite musicians and artists have been digging the most out of 2013, too, and we're thrilled to share those lists here.

Former cover stars, Black Lips came back from their Middle East tour with a documentary, Kids Like You And Me, and a bit of a country-western attitude. Read on for bassist Jared Swilley's top picks for 2013.



Jared Swilley's Top 10 of 2013


1. King Khan and The Shrines, Idle No More
"It's been a while because King Khan went crazy, but now they're back and this album is awesome."



2. Those Darlins, Blur The Line
"They keep getting better and better. It's fun to watch a band grow and work really hard."


3. The Subsonics, In The Black Spot
"The Subsonics are really badass and have been one of my favorites since I was in middle school. They're still making awesome music and show no signs of letting up."


4. The Dirtbombs, Oooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey
"The long talked about bubblegum album. It rules ala saturday morning cartoons, buddha records, and cavities."


5. Light in the Attic Records
"This is a really great label. They just put out a massive Lee Hazelwood collection. Other favorites by them this year include National Wake and Donnie and Joe Emmerson"


6. Deerhunter, Monomania
"I think this is my favorite Deerhunter record so far. It's definitely the toughest sounding one.


7. Crazy Mountain, Golden Flesh on a Vicious Afternoon
"This is the trippiest record I've ever heard. Listening to this is like watching the matrix on acid and your mom walking in on a wank session at the same time."


8. The Nightbeats, Sonic Bloom
"I actually haven't heard the record, but I've seen them live about a dozen times this year and I have a gut feeling the record is fantastic."


9. Swords of Justice, Gripping. Epic. Jaw-dropping.
"I wanted to marry this record, but the government told me that it was illegal. Fight the power."


10. Chad Bozo and The Jeep Brahs / Rob Ford
"'s a tie."


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