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FILTER’s Top 10 of 2010: Ryan Sollee, of The Builders and the Butchers

By Staff on December 22, 2010


FILTER’s Top 10 of 2010: Ryan Sollee, of The Builders and the Butchers

Ah, the end of yet another fantastic year in music. 2010 was good to us, no doubt about it, and once again we find ourselves on the other side, having made it through a near-endless array of albums—from Teen Dreams to Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasies—all the better for it. Now comes the time when we sit back, plug in and reflect on the musical months in reverse. And as much as we love to put together our own best-of lists, we consider the bands themselves a far more fascinating glimpse at the sounds of 2010. Reaching out to some of our favorites, here FILTER presents a series of artists’ best-ofs running throughout the month of December. We've put in our own two cents on the Top 10 Records of 2010, so be sure to check those out, but for now we’ll turn it over to some of the artists who continue to make every year a highlight.

Formed in Portland in 2005, The Builders and the Butchers have collected a steady half-decade in their portfolio. The quintet emerged in 2007 with their self-titled debut, and the Alaska natives’ 2009 sophomore effort, Salvation Is a Deep Dark Well, was produced by Chris Funk of The Decemberists. Continuing to play off of historical and thematic elements of the 1930s, religion, and good versus evil, The Builders and the Butchers will release its anthem-driven third, Dead Reckoning, on February 22 and have plans for a tour in early 2011. Below, singer Ryan Sollee gives us his solid list of Americana, folk, and Beach House.

Ryan Sollee’s Picks (in no particular order)

Nick Jaina, A Bird in the Opera House (HUSH)

The most perfect and overlooked record all year.

Lovers, Dark Light (BADMAN)

Amazing, emotional dance music.

Arcade Fire, The Suburbs (MERGE)

Their best and most complete album to date.

Run On Sentence, You the Darkness and Me (HUSH)

My favorite album ever about the end of the world.

Beach House, Teen Dream (SUB POP)

Would be my soundtrack on a trip to outer space.

Brown Bird, The Devil Dancing (PEAPOD)

The best roots/Americana record of the year, hands down. 

The National, High Violet (4AD)

Somewhere along the line, people started considering this band a guilty pleasure or “dad rock”—these people are fools. This is a great record by a great band.

Murder By Death, Good Morning, Magpie (VAGRANT)

Their most happy record to date, and one of the best.

A.A. Bondy, When The Devil’s Loose (FAT POSSUM)

Somehow, this album is better than American Hearts, which is also perfect. Amazing production.

The Black Keys, Brothers (NONESUCH)

Hands down the best band on the radio.


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