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FILTER’s Top 10 of 2010: Pantha du Prince

By Staff on December 10, 2010


FILTER’s Top 10 of 2010: Pantha du Prince

Ah, the end of yet another fantastic year in music. 2010 was good to us, no doubt about it, and once again we find ourselves on the other side, having made it through a near-endless array of albums—from Teen Dreams to Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasies—all the better for it. Now comes the time when we sit back, plug in and reflect on the musical months in reverse. And as much as we love to put together our own best-of lists, we consider the bands themselves a far more fascinating glimpse at the sounds of 2010. Reaching out to some of our favorites, here FILTER presents a series of artists’ best-ofs running throughout the month of December. We've put in our own two cents on the Top 10 Records of 2010, so be sure to check those out, but for now we’ll turn it over to some of the artists who continue to make every year a highlight. 

Known for his unique style of electronic production and creation, Pantha du Prince (Henrik Weber) released one of 2010’s most acclaimed records, Black Noise (his Rough Trade debut) earlier this year. The record follows up his previous work with Dial Records, Diamonds Daze and This Bliss, while still traveling his way through seemingly organic, rich textures and minimalist soundscapes. Below, Weber includes a Felt fanzine and a special inclusion of a live show to his best of 2010 offering.

Phill Niblock, Touch Radio 57  (TOUCH)

Efdemin, Chicago  (DIAL)

Konrad Sprenger, Versprochen (SCHOOLMAP)

Avey Tare, Down There (PAW TRACKS)

Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango (a fanzine about Felt)

Autechre, Oversteps (WARP)

Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Live In New York (HONEST JON’S)

The live jams of The Sight Below, West Coast North America tour

Sohrab, A Hidden Place (TOUCH)

John Roberts, Glass Eights (DIAL)

Greg Haines, Until The Point Of Hushed Support  (SONIC PIECES)


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