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FILTER Good Gift Guide, Day 7: Get AMPED About Guitar Center Classics: Instruments And Equipment

By Staff on December 11, 2012


FILTER Good Gift Guide, Day 7: Get AMPED About Guitar Center Classics: Instruments And Equipment

’Tis the holiday season and here at FILTER we believe in giving gifts that keep on giving. So in the spirit of the holidays, throughout December we’ll be posting our Good Gift Guide ideas for your picky loved ones.

Guitar Center can be a bit overwhelming, whether you're merely window shopping or if you have actual dough to spend. This is why Kyle Rogers, our accounts extraordinaire from the FILTER Creative Group, breaks down his personal GC favorites for you this holiday season, below.

Proceed with Christmasy caution.

1Orange Amplifiers Crush PiX Series: CR12L 12W 1x6 Guitar Combo Amp:

The Orange amps are just classicthe basket weave grill, the logo, the color. But most of all, this little combo amp sounds amazing and unlike most small combo amps, the distortion range isn't just fuzz. It's the perfect couch potato partner for when you're playing along to the Law & Order theme song.

 $99.99; for more info, click here.

2Mad Professor Golden Cello: Combined Delay and Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

This thing makes your crappy guitar playing sound like you could open for Sigur Rós. If you play guitar, are bored and can't learn anymore, get one of these and get your Yo-Yo Ma on. 

$199.99; click here for more details. 

3Blue Spark Studio Microphone

For $200 this microphone really does everything. You can record drums, wind instruments, vocals, acoustics, etc. If you want to make the leap from recording on your internal Macbook Pro microphone but don't want to buy like 10 different mics, just get one of these. 

$199.00; more information here

4Martin D-45E Retro Series: Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

If you are a baller woman, paying the bills and stuff, and you want to take care of your half-ass singer/songwriter boyfriend, get him this. Most of the greats have played on one of these (Dylan, Nick Drake, Tom Petty), and it would make for nice wall art when he finally gets a real job. 

$11,999.00; check it out here.

5Fender Custom Shop Yngwie Malmsteen Tribute Stratocaster: Electric Guitar Olympic White

Soooooooooo SICK. Seriously. This thing just beams awesomeness. 

$12,500.00; click here for further information.


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