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FILTER Good Gift Guide, Day 14: Bring On The Beautiful Noise Complaints: Speaker Roundup

By Staff on December 20, 2012


FILTER Good Gift Guide, Day 14: Bring On The Beautiful Noise Complaints: Speaker Roundup

’Tis the holiday season and here at FILTER we believe in giving gifts that keep on giving. So in the spirit of the holidays, throughout December we’ll be posting our Good Gift Guide ideas for your picky loved ones.


We already know that you listen to good music, but now it's time for all of your neighbors to be aware of this as well. Below are four of the best speakers available this season, which are sure to make your most cherished albums—and our current favorites—that much more rad.


Crank up the volume and tune out the soccer mom banging on your door at 2 a.m. She's just jealous. 


Edifier Spinnaker


Upon viewing this award-winning sound system (pictured above), the Jaws theme song might infiltrate your brain. That is totally understandable, considering this tri-amped speaker system—over 16 inches tall—has a shape reminiscent of a shark fin, plus Bluetooth and a wireless remote. It truly is the predator of speakers. 


The Edifier Spinnaker Speaker System costs $349.99 and comes in black and burgundy. Check out the video below for more details. 



Edifier Prisma


Edifier impresses us again with a different geometrically shaped speaker system, Edifier Prisma, available in either white or silver for the affordable price of $129.99.


Its sound is self-described as "simply superb with the downward firing subwoofer driver and hi-tech crossovers for the anti-resonant material satellites." Sounds like something you've got to hear for yourself to believe. 



NuForce Cube


These speakers are practically a steal, for the very reasonable price of $119. They are available in fashionable shades of black, silver, red, and blue, featured below. It is compact, portable, and includes a headphone amp and audiophile-grade USB DAC. We have decided to nickname it the "sugar cube"—because it's that sweet. 



SuperTooth DISCO 2


This super speaker is wireless, portable, and not to mention compatible with MP3 players, phones, and PCs which advocate Bluetooth A2DP, allowing it to stream your go-to jams. This product isn't even currently available, so make a reservation right here, to be one of the first owners of a SuperTooth DISCO 2.



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