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FILTER Five: Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Festivals

By Staff on May 4, 2011


FILTER Five: Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Festivals

Summertime is just around the corner and there are a lot of things people look forward to: warm weather, the beach, no school, girls in sundresses, BBQs and, best of all, the slew of summer festivals around North America to road trip out towards with friends and good tunes by your side.

So we asked around: Which ones are the FILTER offices looking forward to most this summer?

A few self-moderated guidelines as we tallied the results:  1. The locale must fall within the borderlines of North America and 2. The fest must occur before the end of August (this automatically disqualified FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide in October, but obviously we think everyone should go to that anyways).

Five's a limiting number, and there are plenty more. What Can-Am-Mex summertime music festivals are you looking forward to most?

Lollapalooza - August 5-7th (Chicago, IL)


Pacific Festival - August 13th (Orange County, CA)


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