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FILTER Five: Our Top 5 Coachella Artist You Shouldn’t Miss

By Staff on January 12, 2012


FILTER Five: Our Top 5 Coachella Artist You Shouldn’t Miss

Once again, we are on the brink. Yes, it's nearly that time: FESTIVAL SEASON 2012. There are dozens and dozens of festivals Stateside and abroad all year, but we like to think it all starts in April out at the Empire Polo Fields. After the internet buzzing mayhem on the official announcement of Coachella's 2012 lineup earlier this week, talk lingered on around the FILTER offices. Debates on who are the must-sees for 2012, and which reunions were the most exciting. To put an end to all this chatter and speculation, we decided to put everyone's word to the test. Who were their Top 5 Coachella artists you just shouldn't miss?

We tallied up the submissions, and now present you with Our Top 5 list. Yes, these were a great deal different artists across the board, but there five stand-outs this year. Check these Top 5 and our honorable mentions below. 

At the Drive-In

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! According to some of our Staff sources, probably one of the best live bands ever. Omar and Cedric having conniption fits on stage is pretty awesome to watch. Watch any of their live videos, and you'll get it. Good to have ‘em back...or so we hope.



Saying you’re not excited might be a bit dumb if you ask some of our Staff members in the office. Trust us – the new album sounds amazing live, and it's time for them to play some of the classics as well. We've seen them before and we'll see them again. You know it's going to be amazing.



If you ask why, you must have never been to a pulp show. Although some of us weren’t cool/old enough to see them when they were regularly touring, it’s a must see by default. Remember when they blew the doors off Glastonbury? Perhaps we should be expecting that. If the whole audience isn't singing along, there will sure to be some pissed off fans. One could imagine that Jarvis Cocker is an amazing frontman. Jarvis rules.


Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

A run for their money. One Staff member was able to shamefully admit that had never listened to these guys back in the day, but once a hater, now ready to repent. Nonetheless, the more the years go by, the more appreciation some have for these two.



Do you really need to ask? Shape of Punk to Come? C'mon! Honestly, you’re flippin’ stupid if you don’t care about their reunion. Coming from the Rumors and Myth Department, it was overheard that they are actually playing a surprise split set with Snapcase… again rumors and myths. One could only hope.

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