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FILTER Five: Bleached Kicks It With The Dead

By Staff on May 30, 2012


FILTER Five: Bleached Kicks It With The Dead

Bleached has been hard at work touring the world since their former band, Mika Miko, called it quits in 2010. The blonde California girls produce a fun in the sun brand of punk rock that can be played at your next laid back beach BBQ, or a sweaty 4-Loko fueled punk rock house show. We caught up with Jennifer, one half of the sister duo,  while they were out on their Europian tour, to tell us about one of their hobbies while on the road...kickin' it with dead people. It's not as scary as it sounds.

Here are Bleached's five favorite graves they've visited while on the road and at home. 

Bleached Sonos

1. Marilyn Monroe

monroe grave

The first grave I remember going to was Marilyn Monroe's. Our dad took us when we were kids. She's buried in a wall crypt at Westwood memorial park. I heard Hugh Hefner bought the one next to her so they can lay together forever.

2. Jon Benet Ramsey

Mika Miko at Ramsey Grave

We visited JonBenet Ramseys grave in Marietta, Georgia right outside of Atlanta while our old band was on tour in like 2008. We stayed at our friends house and he was said, "JonBenet is burried a block away" and we were like, "Oh my god, we have to wake up early and go". Our camera ended up breaking five minutes after being there. There was some energy in there for sure. Also, we saw that her mom's grave was next to her.  If you follow the conspiracy theories then you will know why that was interesting.

3. Johnny Ramone

johnny ramone

Johnny Ramone has the coolest tombstone at Hollywood Forever cemetery. It's a giant statue of him playing guitar with a quote from like Rob Zombie on it. It's located in the middle of Hollywood, and has Black Swans floating around in their lake. We've been there a few times just cause they have movie nights and bands play there too sometimes.

4. Salem Witches

salem witch

When we went on our first U.S. tour with Bleached in October of last year we stopped in Salem, Massachusetts, where we visited the second oldest cemetery in the country. A lot of the accused witches were buried there. That whole town is so beautiful and covered in old cemeteries.

5.Secret Garden

Last, is the cemetery where we filmed part of the "Searching Through the Past" video. It was located in the Santa Clarita Mountains down this windy road and it's where a few families that were killed in a flood from the 1920s were buried. There's a perfect circle of trees around the graveyard, and as we were hiking up the road to the entrance the gate swung open on its own. Once inside it felt like the secret garden. Overgrown bushes, old trees, and cracked tombstones with little cement lambs on them. It felt really magical in there.

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