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Discover The Undiscovered: White Dove

By Staff, Photo by Mackenzie Hoffman on November 4, 2013


Discover The Undiscovered: White Dove


Our latest installment of Discover The Undiscovered is finally here and we're excited to introduce you to LA-based group, White Dove. This charming trio has blended their influences of psychadelia and classic rock with a touch of country twang. 


Though frontwoman, Alex Johnstone, has been making music through her band Monster since 2002, it wasn't until she was joined by bandmates, Jack Long and Carl Harders, that they changed their name to White Dove and start crafting their infectious sound into what it is now.


For their album, The Hoss, The Candle, the trio joined up with producer Dave Trumfio (Wilco, Grandaddy, My Morning Jacket), to create a sophisticated album that is balanced musically and lyrically. They manage to combine ethereal vocals, shredding guitars and cool basslines to create songs that are both unique and memorable.


Now you have the chance to learn a little more about this band in our Q&A below and fall in love with them the way we have!




FILTER: Who are your main influences?


White Dove: We listen to so much different music, but I think as far as our main influences, its probably a lot of The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac, 70's era Beach Boys, Neil Young, and Pink Floyd. So we definitely gravitate towards a certain era of music. But there's also a side of us that comes from listening to things like Rain Parade, The Smiths, Felt, etc. I always think of us having streak of something loose reminiscent of 90's bands like Pavement- especially when we play live. I started out playing music in Sierra Madre in my bedroom when I was really young. The music and bands kicking around then definitely did influence me to play music.


FILTER: How did you meet?


White Dove: Jack and Carl lived together in a warehouse in downtown LA and had seen my (Alex's) old band Monster. We became friends through our mutual friend Carson Mell. Eventually they joined the band and we changed the name to White Dove.


FILTER: What is your biggest achievement as a band to date?


White Dove: Well I could easily say releasing the album The Hoss, The Candle which just came out out on RSRCH + DVLP, and that would be true. I think I see our biggest achievement as growing and continuing to grow as a band and as friends. I want to have a tour called "Rock and Roll and Friendship" because those are the only things that matter in life.


FILTER: Where did the band name originate?


White Dove: I just thought it sounded like a cool country band name even though I don't consider us a country band per se. I see it embroidered on a jacket or like written in letters made out of rope. It was just an image in my head.



FILTER: Favorite Bands?


White Dove: Right now probably Prefab Sprout, ELO, Beachwood Sparks, The Soft Pack, Ariel Pink, Television Personalities, Gram Parsons, Waylon Jennings and Dwight Twilley!


FILTER: Plans to Tour?


White Dove: We've been playing a lot of really cool shows in Los Angeles and we've gotten up the coast a little bit for this album. We just book all of our own shows right now and are planning on booking a tour soon.


FILTER: Plans for next release?


White Dove: We have a new album's worth of songs already written and we're starting to demo them. We just recently released this album The Hoss, The Candle and we are excited to support this album for now. We definitely have plans to record soon. Its inevitable that your sound starts to grown and change as a band and we definitely want to get in there and put down our new songs.




Overcast Psychedelic Pop with a Cosmic Twang


White Dove Tour Dates:




13 - Santa Monica, CA - Almost Holden Collective
22 - Los Angeles, CA - Casey's Irish Pub




13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Bootleg

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