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Discover The Undiscovered: Stone Cold Fox

By Staff on October 22, 2012


Discover The Undiscovered: Stone Cold Fox

Welcome to the October edition of Discover The Undiscovered. We’re excited to present Stone Cold Fox, the new band that you all should know.

Their debut EP, The Young, perfectly marries Kevin Olken’s gritty vocals with Ariel Loh’s upbeat synthesizer grooves. Olken and Loh met as classmates at SUNY Purchase where Stone Cold Fox originated as an acoustic bedroom project that has expanded and grown into a solid indie-folk group that blends a  youthful and energetic sense of comfort through beautiful songs and simple aesthetics. Now complete with Justin Bright (electric bass/bass synth), Graham Stone (guitar, backup vocals) and David Tedeschi (drums), Stone Cold Fox show off cheeky songwriting under catchy, indie pop tunes to ultimately, capture the spirit of being a twenty-something in America.

MP3: “American

FILTER caught up quickly with Stone Cold Fox for a little 101 about their beginnings and inspirations…

Who are your main influences?
Kevin:  We both draw a lot of inspiration from Radiohead and The Walkmen.  While we like a lot of the same stuff, we have our differences.  Ariel finds inspiration through production and arrangement, and I am much more lyric based.

How did you meet?
Ariel: We met in a smokey haze freshman year at SUNY Purchase where neither of us can remember exactly our first encounter.
Kevin:  On second thought I think we met in one of the studios at school, or maybe through my ex drummer Zebulon... This question is much harder than it appears.

What is your biggest achievement as a band to date?
Kevin: Not punching each other in the face.
Ariel: Aside from that, we're pretty proud of our first release The Young, and happy about the feedback so far.

Where did the band name originate?
Kevin:  It's a saying I've always liked to describe a smokin babe.

Favorite Bands?
Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Girls, Strokes, Peter Green, Jeff Buckley

Plans to Tour?
Kevin: Most likely in the spring.  Funds are tight right now and we're mostly concentrating our time in the studio right now.
Ariel: We're currently booking shows for cities and schools in the northeast.

Plans for next release?
Ariel: Right now we are working on a single release for early next year. We are working with Joel Hamilton to help us produce the record.

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