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Discover The Undiscovered: My Pet Dragon

By Staff on October 13, 2011


Discover The Undiscovered: My Pet Dragon

The buzz about New York City-based rock band My Pet Dragon can be attributed to their anthemic songs and powerful live show.  Strong pop melodies and lead singer/songwriter Todd Michaelsen's soaring vocals define their newly released LP, Mountains and Cities. The 5-piece melodic rock band has been compared to Coldplay, the Smashing Pumpkins, and the Flaming Lips.  'Mountains and Cities' also boasts contributions by members of Mercury Rev, Gov't Mule, and Hurricane Bells.  The record was produced by Stephen George, the former drummer of the band Ministry.  George has worked with a wide range of pop artists including Iggy Pop, the Cars, and Common.

My Pet Dragon released their new album "Mountains and Cities" on Gimme That Sound Productions, world-wide on August 2nd, 2011.

Grab a free download of "Moonshine" at:

Who are your main influences?
Onstage - Radiohead, Queen, Bowie, Beatles, Bjork, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Brian Eno
Backstage - Breaking Bad, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Batman Comics, Basketball

How did you meet?
We all kind of met through mutual friends in the New York music scene.  I could make up with some witty tale of serendipity.  But really we all met very naturally through like-minded artist and music friends.  We used to play at Rajeev's loft in Bushwick and that is where I (Todd) met Reena.

What is your biggest achievement as a band to date?
I think our biggest achievement is the fact that our fans knew every word on our record before it came out.  Its cliche, but hearing your songs screamed back to you by a drunken audience is something amazing for a musician. 

Where did the band name originate?
 The name My Pet Dragon comes from my (Todd's) childhood.  I had an imaginary nemesis that I battled to the death every night before I went to bed.  I lined up all my toys-  He-men, Voltron, and GI Joes on my bed and went to war against this dragon creature....every night.  And every night he came back looking for more.  I never lost a battle.

Favorite Bands?
Everyone in the band has totally different favorites but I'll name a few from each member...
The Beatles, Radiohead, Bjork, David Bowie, Neutral Milk Hotel, Underworld, Square Pusher, New Order, Neil Young, Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire, The Clash,  the Boss and his East St. Band....etc...

Plans to Tour?
We'll be hitting the North East US this fall and winter and then getting to the rest of the US in the spring.  Hopefully going to the UK and India soon as well!

Plans for next release?
We are focused right now on playing the songs from "Mountains and Cities" to new audiences, but we are also writing new songs that will be out sometime in 2012.  You can hear those new songs live at every show.  We try to include new material every time we play now.

Tour Dates:

16th - Net-IP Diwali Music Festival & Charity Event for Lend-A-Hand India Drom New York City
22nd - 2011 CMJ Music Marathon Official Showcase at 8pm - Mercury Lounge  - New York City

4th - The Electric Company - Utica, NY
5th - Market Market - Catskill Mountains - Rosendale, NY
18th - Jillian's - Albany, NY
19th - Middle East - Upstairs - Boston, MA

Official Website

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