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Discover The Undiscovered: Herbert Bail

By Staff; Photo by Cameron Jordon on February 6, 2013


Discover The Undiscovered: Herbert Bail


We’re excited to introduce our featured band of the month: Herbert Bail. The LA-based band, creates musical narratives that are epic tales. Taking the listener on a journey through the dark heart of the American West, emerging with a silver lining of hope and optimism. With members hailing from all over different parts of the US - Herbert Bail acts as a collective identity for a band of schemers and dreamers. Herbert Bail’s first self-titled EP was released in November of 2011, and their first full length album 'The Future's in the Past' released December, 21 2012. In the end, Herbert Bail tells a story. There are no single truths, and we all lead many lives.


MP3: “Nobody Knows”



FILTER: Who are your main influences?


HB: Tom Waits, Raymond Carver, Woody Guthrie, John Ford, Giorgio Agamben, Prince, The Pixies, Titus Lucretius, and Hasil Adkins (to name a few)

FILTER: How did you meet?


HB: Anthony Frattolillo (voice, guitar) and Andrew Katz (accordion, trombone, additional vocals) met before middle school, during the summer between 2cd and 3rd grade. Both born and raised in New York City. Anthony grew up playing guitar, Andrew grew up playing piano. They both grew up together causing trouble/hanging out in NYC stairwells, alleyways and rooftops. Katz would say,"We've known each other for much longer then we haven't."

They spent about a year traveling back and forth across the country, together and independently (spending time in places like Athens, GA; New Orleans - where Katz found his trombone in a dumpster after hurricane Katrina; and Paradise, MO) and then they both landed in Los Angeles in late 2008.

Destiny (a real girl named Destiny O'Dempsey) introduced Anthony and Andrew to Ryan (bassist) when Anthony and Destiny started a former band called Run River Run. After Run River Run, Anthony met Colin Warling (keys, back up vocals) a luthier who works out of the Fretted Frog Guitar Store in Echo Park. Anthony asked Colin, who normally played bass and guitar, to join Herbert Bail on piano and singing after Anthony and Andrew played at a John Lennon Cover Night at the Fretted Frog.

The remaining orchestra members (Michael Villiers, Jack Dawson, Danny T. Levin, Ian Souter, Jacob Hasset, and sometimes Steven "Cha Chi" Mitchell) each have there own interesting story of how they came to meet and join Herbert Bail. This already seems like too much information, but if you want to know how anyone else specifically met and joined Herbert Bail - feel free to ask. We play all together at least once a month, and do a lot of smaller broke down versions of the orchestra more often.

FILTER: What is your biggest achievement as a band to date?


HB: Raising $12k on Kickstarter to independently produce and release our first full length album on VINYL RECORD. Produced by Chris Rondinella - tracked live, with some overdubs, and mixed to tape at Heritage Recording Studio. The amazing album artwork is by Brian 'Zoso' Hakes

FILTER: Where did the band name originate?


HB: Herbert Bail was Anthony's grandfather's original birth name. Anthony and Andrew both grew up knowing him and calling him "Grandpa Jack" and his driver's license read John Stanley McArter. He was a grandfather to both Anthony and Andrew. And towards the end of his life the boys found out he was born by another name- Herbert Bail - who had another wife, another family, and another life before them. In homage to this myth, and for the fact that we all lead many lives, the boys decided to create a collective alter-ego for the new band - Herbert Bail - which is now a kind of collective identity for all the band members.

FILTER: Favorite Bands?


HB: The Band, Gogol Bordello, Devotchka, Future Islands, Grizzly Bear, OK GO, Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, Restavrant, Kera & the Lesbians, Crooked Cowboy (the list goes on and on...)

FILTER: Plans to Tour?


HB: Going to SXSW for some parties and showcases. And hosting our own renegade SXSW party on Sat. March 16th in Austin. Join the mailing list or check out our website for more info soon to come.

FILTER: Plans for next release?


HB: We just recently released this new album "The Future's in the Past" on the day the world was suppose to end, and already have plans and offers to record another full length much later this year, which will probably not be released until early 2014. So check out the new album that's hot off the presses.

Herbert Bail Live Shows:
Feb.21 at Los Globos in Silverlake, CA
Mar.16 in Austin, TX - SXSW


Buy the new album on Vinyl Record via BandCamp, Facebook or Website.

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