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Discover The Undiscovered: Facts On File

By Staff on December 9, 2011


Discover The Undiscovered: Facts On File

Welcome to the last edition of Discover the Undiscovered for 2011 and please meet Facts on File - a Los Angeles based three-piece indie rock outfit. The trio crafts songs that modernize 60's garage rock and 1970s New York punk, putting a spin on pop structure that draws comparisons to Talking Heads, Gang of Four and The Cars, with hints of Suicide and a synth-free Devo.

In 2005 Joseph White (vocals, bass), member of synth-pop band The Somnambulants, wrote and set aside songs for an indie rock project. During his quest for collaborators, he met fellow San Franciscan Molly Durkin (drums) and the two fleshed out what became Facts on File’s first tracks. In 2009, the duo moved from the Bay Area to L.A., and has since performed at numerous local venues and festivals including SXSW (Austin), Mission Creek Music Festival (San Francisco), and Neon Reverb Festival (Las Vegas). In 2010, Facts on File self-released its debut EP, Keep It Together.

White and Durkin recruited Jason Spencer (guitar), and the trio will be releasing a self-titled debut LP, which will include the single “Keep it Together,” plus ten other infectious, straightforward 60s and 70s influenced pop songs.

Download the mp3 for “How We Get AlongHERE

Who are your main influences?
This is a tough question because everyone in the band has different influences from different genres outside of our own indie-rock realm. To list a few: 
Joseph: Old Northern Soul bands, Lee Hazlewood, The Cars, Devo
Molly: The Kinks, The Temptations, My Bloody Valentine
Jason: David Bowie, The Ramones, Television, New Order

How did you meet?
Molly & I (Joseph) met in San Francisco in 2008. I had amassed a collection of songs that were too rock-oriented for my electro band (The Somnambulants) and was looking to start a new band. Molly had just secured a nice lock-out rehearsal space, was learning drums, and wanted to find collaborators.  We got along well and quickly learned the arrangements, found our first guitarist/organist (Jen Hale), and played regularly in SF before Joseph and Molly migrated to LA.  We recorded half of the album tracks in SF and the other half in LA with a local guitarist (Shannon Lay).  Jason joined us this year just after he moved to LA from Portland. 


What is your biggest achievement as a band to date?
Hands down, it’s getting GZA (from Wu-Tang) to dance to our performance of “Treat Me Right” at a battle of the bands competition at SXSW.  We didn’t win the top prize, but watching GZA rise from his judges chair, bob his head, and do his arm-surf motion while we performed just made the trip worth it. (I swear. He didn’t dance for any of the other bands, either.) We won 3rd place.

Where did the band name originate?
Joseph had written a song called “The Facts” that was, at the time, a favorite of the group. Several variations on “Facts” were tossed around before we settled on “Facts on File.”  It’s commonly mistaken for “Fax on File,” but we care very little for fax machines.

Favorite Bands?
Another tough question because we’re a band of music-lovers. We’ll try to keep the list short:
Joseph: Broadcast, The Who, The Kills, Lee Hazlewood, OMD
Molly: Wu-Tang, My Bloody Valentine, Saint Etienne, The Kinks
Jason: Television, Guided By Voices, Modest Mouse, Gang of Four, The Beatles

Plans to Tour?
Facts on File will be touring in March & April 2012 around the time when the album is released. Dates & locations to be announced!

Plans for next release?
Facts on File release our first self-titled album, “Facts on File” in March 2012.

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