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Delicious Foodstuffs: The Grilled Cheese Truck

By Staff on November 17, 2009 screen capture 2009-11-17-12-19-56

Last week, the LA FILTER crew welcomed the debut of the Grilled Cheese Truck in Hollywood.  Our new friends parked their truck right outside our office and served hoards of people eager to try their melts.  Their friend,
Del's Lemonade joined in on the festivities.


It was no surprise that the line did not die down one bit during their 3 hour lunch service.  Who doesn't love grilled cheese?!? 

Here's a quick feedback from some of our staff:

"The mac 'n cheese was a hit. People definitely came out of the wood work for this." - Max

"I was a bit disappointed that the sandwich was so simple." - Pat

"The Macaroni Cheese Melt with BBQ pork and caramelized onions was incredible. It was like a whole delicious meal on one toasted sandwich." - Ewan

"Get there early or suffer the consequences - the longer the line, the longer the wait, the greasier the sandwich." - Patrick

"I am a big fan of grilled cheese and was overwhelmed that there were too many choices to pick from! It was one cheese experience." - Ryan

"Magnificent once I got over the texture surprise that my sandwich was stuffed with mac-n-cheese. Yummy spin on spicy bread & Butter pickles, too! Please come back! I want the dessert melt!" - Beth

As for myself, I don't know if I would ever be able to wait in a long line for a simple grilled cheese, but I can certainly make an exception for the perfectly cooked melt with BBQ pork and caramelized onions that I ordered.

Thank you so much to Michele and her team at the Grilled Cheese Truck for making our lunch so unique and memorable!

Stuffed mac n cheese n BBQ pork goodness.

Grilled Cheese Truck online
Grilled Cheese Truck Twitter

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