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CULTURE COLLIDE Pocket Guide: The Deer Tracks

By Staff, Photo by Salomon Paulo on September 13, 2013


CULTURE COLLIDE Pocket Guide: The Deer Tracks


As much as we love the sun, the surf and the sand here in Southern California, we cannot wait for autumn. Come October, we get to watch the leaves fall down while artists from around the world come together to play at this year's Culture Collide!


To get you ready for what's to come, we've gathered a bunch of details on the bands that will soon grace our stages, prepping you for when the world converges in LA. Remember: no passport needed!


The Deer Tracks is an experimental electronic duo which sprung from the intricate minds of David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors. The Swedish multi-instrumentalists have a way of blending an array of harmonic sounds with stimulating glitchy beats. There is a fine balance in the orchestral and electronic sound that adds something unique to the duo's melodies.


We can't help but love their big arrangement of strings and synths together mixed with Lindfors' magnetic voice. 


Just listen to "Divine Light" below to envelop yourself in this sound!


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