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CULTURE COLLIDE Pocket Guide: Alice Russell

By Staff; Photo by Kenny McCracken on September 4, 2013


CULTURE COLLIDE Pocket Guide: Alice Russell

As much as we love the sun, the surf and the sand here in Southern California, we cannot wait for autumn. Come October, we get to watch the leaves fall down while artists from around the world come together to play at this year’s Culture Collide

To get you ready for what’s to come, we’ve gathered a bunch of details on the bands that will soon grace our stages, prepping you for when the world converges in LA. Remember: no passport needed!

Alice Russell
’s intense vocals and catchy jazz accompaniment are sure to draw an enormous crowd at this year’s Culture Collide. The UK artist sings with raw emotion and fervor that is difficult to match, so we don't want to miss a moment of it!

Think Adele or Amy Winehouse. Get familiar with the acclaimed songwriter via her popular track, “Twin Peaks,” below! 

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