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Culture Collide 2012 Day 3 Recap w/ Niki and the Dove, of Montreal & More

By Staff; Photos by Damian Tsutsumida, Danielle Supola, Ashley Ramirez, Chelsea Glass, Chad Yanagisawa, Gian Acosta on October 7, 2012


Culture Collide 2012 Day 3 Recap w/ Niki and the Dove, of Montreal & More

All the fun people came out to play on day 3 of Culture Collide. Packed houses, drinks flowing and tons of energy on this glorious Saturday night.

Efrat Ben Zur – 5:00pm

Music started to flow at 5pm for our final day at Origami courtesy of Israel’s Efrat Ben Zur. Starting out gentle but slowly building to a rolling boil, the group complete with a stand-up bass and lap harp was quite the site and sounds for a first band of the night.

Immanu El – 6:00pm
Immanu El had the wonderful task of performing during the special Swedish Music Happy Hour in TAIX’s front lounge area. Not only were the drinks-a-flowing, but the band was blasting the crowd with dance beats and demanding yelp-styled vocals.

Moss – 6:00pm
At 6 p.m., Netherlands indie rock quartet, Moss, served up a short but sweet 20-minute set at Origami—enough to get mouths watering for their midnight show at the TAIX Front Lounge. “We’re a band who’s not afraid of heights,” joked the frontman from up above, moments before executing a sick guitar solo too close to the edge of the loft. Moss’ set was one of the smoothest flowing shows thus far at C.C., complete with tambourine-bashing, manly harmonies, and howling and haunting lead vocals, like if Thom Yorke collaborated with a tornado.

Ewert and the Two Dragons – 7:00pm
The second the scruffy, folky four-piece started their set at Origami, whistling could be heard from the beer-chugging Culture Collide partygoers. Their relatively new and upbeat tune, “Pictures,” was a gorgeous success, as well as a country-inspired track they tested out—“or at least as country as us Estonians can get,” laughed the singer/xylophone player. They also played a catchy song “about an evil woman named Jolene,” according to the frontman’s intro. Perhaps it’s the exact same chick Dolly Parton sings of.


Young Buffalo – 8:00pm
USA dwelling Young Buffalo had a packed room at TAIX where they brought the spirits up high with their brand of indie pop-rock. The crowd responded well to the change in pace and answered back to their energy with dancing the entire set.

Mimes of Wine – 8:30pm
The Church was the perfect space for the experimental quartet, Mimes of Wine, to showcase their beautifully solemn and multidimensional tracks. There weren’t any actual mimes, however these Italians were total masters of evoking mournful-sounding messages through song.

Ewert and the Two Dragons – 9:00pm
At 9 p.m., Ewert and the Two Dragons hit the stage again, though this time it was at the Echoplex, with the lights low and foggy. The band from Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, performed another cohesive and animated show with a setlist that varied from their previous one at Origami—an awesome treat for fans who attended both shows.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler – 9:00pm

Fresh back from meeting the infamous Peter Gabriel (because they won our “So” Cover Contest), TLATW brought the anthematic vocals and amazing indie-rock energy to the room complete with keys and a violin.

Funky Sole – 9pm
Beginning around 9 p.m., The Echo was off to a funky fresh start, thanks to the seven-piece East L.A. natives, The Delirians, and their original tracks and funktastic covers. The dancefloor was a giant free-for-all, as the audience twisted, swayed, and unleashed their inner freaks to ride along on the soulacoaster (…yeah, that is a reference to R. Kelly’s autobiography…).

Breakestra – 10:00pm
Is it a crime to have an orgasm on the dancefloor? Who knows, but if it is, then everyone at the jam-packed Breakestra show should have been arrested. This local psychedelic/jazz ensemble flew in from France earlier this afternoon for your ass-shaking, pelvic-thrusting pleasure and delivered a set with incomparable intensity and soul.

Gold Fields – 10:00pm
At 10 p.m. at the Echoplex, Australian act, Gold Fields, cranked up the energy with their top-notch electro/pop tracks, super heavy on the drums, and brilliantly paired with angelic vocals. The Echoplex had instantly become L.A.’s hottest nightclub. 

Admiral Fallow – 10:30pm
Scotland’s Admiral Fallow started their set in the champagne room with “good evening sexy people of Los Angeles,” obviously they were a classy bunch. The man/woman vocaled group kept the entire room captivated as they effortlessly floated from one song to the next, making everyone forget how hot and crowded the room was getting.

Laetitia Sadier – 10:30pm
Almost every seat was filled for Laetitia Sadier, regardless of the relentless stuffy heat. The former/current vocalist of Stereolab kept the excited fans pleased with a blend up captivating slow tunes and more upbeat rock tracks that seemed to gain steam as the set went on.

Icona Pop – 11:00pm
Swedish female pop duo, Icona Pop, continued the clubbing that Gold Fields kicked off. These two chicks crafted some seriously sweet electronic beats while facing each other, completely in sync. Their dense and glitchy dubstep made the pair an instant favorite amongst guys and girls at Culture Collide.

The Kavanaghs – 11:00pm
There is a good chance we will catch crap for this one, but this band rocked the room with tunes similar to early Beatles style and catchy rock tracks.

of Montreal – 12:00am
To get a proper view of the indie pop Georgia six-piece led by Kevin Barnes, you would have had to crowd around the Echoplex stage an entire half hour before the set. In fact, the room was so crowded, you most likely chewed on the chick’s ponytail in front of you—more often than you’d like to admit. The scent of weed appropriately wafted throughout the audience, accompanied by kaleidoscope-esque projections during a throwback anthem off The Sunlandic Twins LP—a song that nearly the whole crowd was screaming the lyrics to.

Niki and The Dove – 12:00am

Arriving 5 minutes early was still not good enough to beat the crowd for the Niki and The Dove show. At capacity, the set was filled with dance track after dance track while singer Malin Dahlström captivated the audience, making them forget the heat. The Swedish duo pleased the crowd the entire set, never giving up for a minute.

Look below for more photos from tonight.

Tomorrow is our final day of Culture Collide which we will be closing out with our annual Block Party! Be sure to RSVP HERE while you still can.

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