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Culture Collide 2012 Day 2 Recap w/ Zola Jesus, Unknown Mortal Orchestra & More

By Staff; Photos by Damian Tsutsumida, Annie Abernathy, Wendy Birchard, Danielle Supola, Sara Young, Chad Yanagisawa, Gian Acosta on October 6, 2012


Culture Collide 2012 Day 2 Recap w/ Zola Jesus, Unknown Mortal Orchestra & More

Day 2 of the third annual Culture Collide is officially in the books and with it, another day and night of some amazing music, industry discussions and music fans supporting our motto that good music will prevail.

We concluded our Creative Summit today with discussions on music syncing, the future of record sales and touring, all culminating to a "drinks of tthe world" discussion, complete with lots of alcohol.

The Netherlands Happy Hour was then kicked off with the Dutch Impact Party, presented by and Eurosonic Noorderslag with a performance by Moss.


The Trouble With Templeton - 5:00pm
Kicking off the day of music at Origami, folk rockers The Trouble with Templeton got things moving with their blend of speedy American Folk and plucky guitar licks.

Penny Hewson - 8:30pm
Hailing all the way from Australia, this young lady wasn't afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve as she belted out piano balads and more at the church. Dim lighting and constantly reverberating echos created a perfect mood to enjoy Hewson.

Sudden Weather Change - 9:30pm
Iceland's Sudden Weather Change gave the festival a dose of punk that it was missing. The band's gang vocals grabbed your attention and begged you to listen along to the message they were singing. And by the end of their set, they certainly won the crowd over. Needless to say, they grabbed our attention.

Royal Teeth - 10:00pm
When we walked into the Echoplex, it was clear that the six-piece band that composes Royal Teeth meant business. Their pop hooks and male-female dual vocals had the large crowd dancing along. Their uplifting tone, radio-friendly music, and larger-than-life personalities proved they are going to be making a name for themselves sooner than later.

Ewert And The Two Dragons - 10:30pm
Estonia's Ewert and the Two Dragons had twinkling xylophones and cheerful lyrics, and when you listened along you couldn't help but smile. And much like the crowd, the band certainly looked as though they were enjoying themselves. Their music was sing-a-long worthy, and they made it a point to leave us eager to hear more.

Patrick Wolf - 10:30pm

Starting quite fashionably late at The Church, at about 11 p.m., was experimental electro sensation from London, Patrick Wolf—unplugged. Wearing a golden leaf crown, PW sang a stunning version of “Bluebells,” off of his celebrated album The Magic Position. It was a theatrical, bone-chilling, and serene set, as the multi-instrumentalist was accompanied by a pianist and accordion player, the latter eerily reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.

Mr Little Jeans - 10:30pm
Norwegian pop phenomenon, Mr Little Jeans—a.k.a. Monica Birkenes—delivered a wild set in the Champagne Room at 10:30. For the finale, the band did a sexy, slowed down, and truly unforgettable cover of the Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs.”

School Of Seven Bells - 11:00pm
The School of Seven Bells, representing the U.S.A., were on point during their performance at the Echoplex. The dark room was at capacity, leaving hardly any space for the crowd to dance, but their certainly tried their hardest. The band's captivating harmonies and instrumentals quickly proved this was one of the best performances of the weekend thus far.

The Moog - 11:00pm
At 11 p.m. in the TAIX Front Lounge, Budapest rock quintet, The Moog, stole too many hearts to count, with their slicked-back hair, collared shirts, and incredible guitar solos. Their energy was infectious; the entire crowd was full of head bobbing and happy feet, as they stared ahead in total reverence of these Hungarian rockstars.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - 11:30pm
At 11:30 p.m. in the Champagne Room, the New Zealand/American rock trio, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, served up the most radical and heavy jams—ones that you’ll easily and willingly get lost in, like a winding labyrinth of psych-rock. Given the huge turnout, there’s no way these dudes were unknown.

Zola Jesus - 11:30pm

Zola Jesus performed to the most crowded room of the day, and everyone was very eager to see this headliner. And from the first hit of the drums, the crowd was moving. The vocals were impactful and the drums and bass were heavy as they hit you in the chest with each note. Zola was certainly in her element as she owned the room, commanding attention from each and every person.

The Balconies - 12:00am
Closing Day 2 of Culture Collide was Ontario rock ‘n’ roll three-piece The Balconies. The doe-eyed, hollering frontwoman—decked out in American flag leggings—led one hell of a red-hot set, keeping the Culture Collide fire burning well after midnight.


UCB Theater Presents Comedy Collide 826LA
If your ears were getting a bit sore from standing next to speakers all night during Day 1 at Culture Collide, Comedy Collide at 826LA was the ideal therapeutic alternative. For hours on end, beginning just after 8 p.m., male and female comedians heated up the extremely air-conditioned room lined with red brick, a well-stocked bookshelf, and picture frames containing silly sentences like “Once upon a time there was a dog made of carne asada.”
Emily Mills was a hysterical hostess, trying out various pick-up lines on C.C. attendees throughout the night. The awesomely crude, Matt Besser, did the pre-show announcements, advising the whole audience to “turn cell phones to vibrate,” then adding, “ladies, turn vibrators to airplane mode.”
Dominic Dierkes, of Derek Comedy and Workaholics, delivered incessant knee-slappers with his repertoire of jokes about road rage, pointless signs, being skinny, how to remember names, the origins of sneezing and tickling, and getting stoned and surfing the web.
The Birthday Boys dressed as old ladies and handed out—okay, carelessly hurled— the worst Halloween treats of all-time: Good & Plenty, Necco Wafers, pennies, etc. The crowd was literally in tears.


Look below for more photos from tonight.

You can still buy festival wristbands (while supplies last) at TAIX starting at noon PST every day. We will also be posting the most up-to-date news on our website and the Culture Collide site.

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