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Culture Collide 2012 Day 1 Recap w/ John Talabot, Dean Wareham & More

By Staff; photos by Chad Yanagisawa, Sara Young, Danielle Supola on October 5, 2012


Culture Collide 2012 Day 1 Recap w/ John Talabot, Dean Wareham & More

Day one has officially come and gone and with it, a slew of amazing bands, industry panel discussions, happy hours and more.

The day kicked off with some great industry insight at our first Culture Collide Creative Summit (kicked off with a shot of vodka of course) where we discussed partnering with brands and online PR strategies with top industry folks from Dickies, Levi's, Guitar Center, Tumblr, YouTube, Buzzine and BuzzbandsLA.

After a few hours of the "Don't Panic! We're From Poland" Happy Hour and performances by Kyst & Coldair, the day kicked into high gear at Origami Vinyl with performances by Germany's Touchy Mob, Singapore's MONSTER CAT and Immanu El (their first of two shows for the night).

We decided to deliver a slightly more extended recap of the day's activities. Check it out below.                                    

Touchy Mob - 5:00pm

Touchy Mob of Germany had the tough task of the early slot this year at the always swell Origami Vinyl. Standing all alone above the spectators that trickled in throughout his set, Ludwig Plath seemed to float in his own little world while people enjoyed the tunes and flipped through the latest vinyl.                           
Immanu El - 8pm

Sweden's Immanu El performed to a packed room at Taix, with people crammed into every corner. The band provided us with a soothing sonic atmosphere that was easy to become transfixed by. Projected behind the band were various images of the ocean. Certainly this was symbolic of their calming music, which allowed your emotions to ebb and flow with each song. The crowd was happy to be there, and Immanu El confidently set the tone for the rest of Culture Collide weekend.

Jared James Nichols - 8:30pm

The trio that composed Jared James Nichols' band proved they could rock louder than every other band of the day. With all members sporting long hair, the frontman's raspy voice, and their Americana style, one was reminded of the Black Crowes if they were only a little harder.

Touchy Mob - 9pm

Germany's Touchy Mob consists of only one singer who loops songs on various electronic instruments and guitars, but from afar you would never assume this. Touchy Mob proved that he lives for artistic authenticity above all else. And his distinct voice and unique style made him stand out above the rest.

of Verona - 9:30pm

At 9:40 p.m., Toronto-based rockers, of Verona, served a spirited set to a jam-packed Champagne Room. The indie pop outfit was dressed to kill in nearly all-black outfits, with their captivating frontwoman all decked out in sequins, glitter eye shadow, and a tank top that said “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.” Save her from what? Chronic dancing, we suppose.

Drug Cabin - 9:30pm

Drug Cabin's performance in a church was one that will surely be memorable for days to come. Their harmonious pop hooks reverberated off the adobe walls and stained glass windows, washing over each and every individual seated in the pews. The band sounded on point and provided a mellow, yet impactful, performance that quickly became a favorite of the day.

Coldair - 10:00pm

Polish quintet Coldair put Culture Collide attendees in good spirits during happy hour in the TAIX Front Lounge, and they did so again when the clock struck 10:10 p.m. Though the disco ball wasn’t turned on, these dudes put on a dazzling set filled with dreamy guitar riffs, rich horns, and unforgettable feel-good indie rock. The bassist was even barefoot—clearly they felt right at home in L.A.

American Royalty - 10:30pm

Los Angeles natives American Royalty are no strangers to performing at the Echo; they had a four-week residency at the local venue only months prior to this festival. Due to this, the band was in their element and the locals loved them. The crowd was certainly the most active of the night, as the band quickly got them dancing along. In fact, it was difficult to tell who was having more fun: American Royalty or the crowd. Their songs were undeniably catchy, and it became clear that their vision lies well beyond the scope of small clubs.

Dean Wareham Plays Galaxie 500 - 10:30pm

Who would’ve thought that The Church would be packed and rockin’ at 10:30 p.m. on a Thursday night? FILTER did when they recruited Dean Wareham and Co. Not everyone managed to snag a seat for the Galaxie 500 sermon, but luckily there was tons of standing room for fans to watch this guitar god in action. 

Blood Red Shoes - 10:30pm

Also playing at 10:30 p.m. was Blood Red Shoes, hailing from the U.K. Fans crowded so close to the dynamic rock duo in the Champagne Room that they could practically lick the band. During the set, the power went out, causing a fan to yell, “You killed the power—[with] too much power!”

The Standards - 11:00pm

At 11 p.m. in the Front Lounge, the five-piece from Thailand best known as The Standards layed down some heavily textured indie rock tunes with a punk twist. “IT’S FUCKING PARTY TIME!” the tambourine-bashing frontman screamed.

John Talabot - 11:30pm

John Talabot started his set not by introducing himself, but by jumping right into creating music. In fact, the first time his voice was heard was during a song when he used it as an instrument to create sound. And the word "creating" is used specifically here. Watching Talabot is like watching a master of his craft. His intention to detail is apparent, as anyone in the audience can see his focus and dedication to each song. The Echo's crowded room was ready to dance, and by the end of Talabot's set every person was moving their feet.

Tribes - 11:30pm

Just after 11:30 p.m., shaggy-haired U.K. quartet, Tribes, delivered some classic rock to fans in the Champagne Room—the kind that resonates so deep it’s in your bones. Fans couldn’t get enough of their dexterous guitar playing, pounding drums, and gorgeous harmonies.

Colorfeels - 12:00am

Last but certainly not least was the Nashville six-piece Colorfeels, performing in the Front Lounge at midnight. You know what’s underrated? The triangle, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, and two drummers. And bushy beards. It most definitely was a colorful performance to say the least.      

Look below for more photos from tonight.

You can still buy festival wristbands (while supplies last) at TAIX starting at noon PST every day. We will also be posting the most up-to-date news on our website and the Culture Collide site.

Check out all of the FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide Festival details and schedules Right Here!  


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