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Culture Collide 2012 Block Party Recap w/ of Montreal, The Wombats + More

By Staff; on October 8, 2012


Culture Collide 2012 Block Party Recap w/ of Montreal, The Wombats + More

Today was the official final day of the third annual Culture Collide Festival which we closed out with the 2012 Block Party presented by S.O.TERIK.

Art, contests, food trucks and of course music filled with streets and air on Reservoir Street in Echo Park while we hosted some amazing talent from all across the world for one night of fun for all ages. Check out our recap below with tons of photos and be sure to keep an eye out for full galleries coming soon!

Mimes if Wine – 2:00pm
This Italian group held down the opening slot for Sunday’s block party with some very calm but captivating music. People trickled in to the TAIX lounge area for drinks and pleasant sounds.

The Trouble With Templeton - 2:30pm
When we walked in the room, it instantly became clear that the Trouble with Templeton was there to win you over. From the first chord, he commanded everyone's attention, so much so that you often found yourself forgetting to breathe. Couples were holding each other and those standing alone were swaying from left to right. Needless to say, we cannot wait to see him again.

Efrat Ben Zur - 3:00pm
Israel's Efrat Ben Zur enchanted us with their haunting vocals, harp and upright bass. Their set was mellow, yet intricate, and the crowd was certainly dedicated to watching their performance.

Huddle - 3:30pm
Toronto's Huddle were one of the mosy energetic sets of the day. Their punk-infused style had the crowd's attention as they watched the band put their all into their performance. And their gang vocals begged you to shout along with them. One could only wonder what it would be like to see them in an underground club, performing in front of a mosh pit.

Icona Pop - 3:30pm
Icona Pop performed outdoors at the S.O.Terik Stage in the middle of the street. Their voices sounded crystal clear and they appeared as though they wouldn't want to be anywhere else. And although it was the middle of the afternoon, they certainly put on a show. Their set perfectly lent itself to letting loose and dancing.

Colorfeels - 4:00pm
Nashville's Colorfeels were one of the most musically diverse acts of the weekend. At times, they used an oboe; at others, there could be an autoharp, a xylophone or a saxophone. And two drum sets were always present. Their alternating vocals and harmonies asked you to listen closely for fear you would miss something. And although they performed earlier in the weekend at midnight, this daytime set proved they could command a festival's attention.

Class Actress - 4:30pm
Although Class Actress performed a daytime set, she proved that her music could get a crowd moving during any time of day. Her sensual moves, chilling falsetto and heavy beats had the crowd swooning. Hopefully next time we see Class Actress, she will be the soundtrack to a night out on the town.

Royal Teeth – 5:00pm

At the Redbull Soundstage, New Orleans six-piece, Royal Teeth, started up minutes before their scheduled time, kicking off a very spirited set full of captivating male and female dual vocals, stellar basslines, and crashing cymbals and tambourine. They performed a fantastic cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats,” in addition to their southern-inspired originals. The tip of a drumstick broke off during the set and was caught by a smiling fan in the front row—yeeeeehaw!

MONSTER CAT – 5:00pm
The group from Singapore brought on the calming rock vibes in the TAIX lounge complete with a lightshow and haunting vocals that gave everyone in the audience a nice break from the madness outside the building.

Poolside – 5:30pm
At 5:30 p.m. at the S.O.TERIK Main Stage, Los Angeles-based act, Poolside, brought their best dancy, disco jams, accompanied by a cool breeze and several gusts of weed. There was even a Chihuahua in the crowd who looked pretty stoked to be there.

Random dancing guy who had some great moves.

Coldair – 5:30pm
Coldair performed sans-bass but it was hard to tell anything was missing between these young musicians. Rounding out the line-up with a trombone and trumpet, the five-piece gave everyone in the champagne room a nice soundtrack as we rolled into the thick of the night.

DIIV – 6:00pm
At 6 p.m., the indie rock quartet from New York, DIIV, performed some of their dreamy, jangly hits off Oshin, such as single “How Long Have You Known,” making the Redbull Soundstage sound like their very own garage. The long-haired, baggy-clothed dudes even paid tribute to Nirvana.

The Standards – 6:00pm
Delivering a hard jolt of energy into the TAIX lounge was Thailand’s The Standards. Fans packed the room in order to catch a few moments of pure energy from these guys who seemed to get a bigger audience with every show they performed at over the weekend.

Niki and The Dove – 6:30pm
Over at S.O.TERIK, standing room was quite intimate during the Swedish duo’s unforgettable set. The smiley frontwoman with beach hair and neon-bright attire, was a truly refreshing sight to see. Her partner was some sort of musical mad scientist, laying down the most insane and intense synth and drums.

Tapioca and the Flea – 6:30pm
Taking the place of Brazil’s Optic Yellow Felt was Los Angeles’ own Tapioca and the Flea and we couldn’t have asked for a better set. Filled with heavy percussion and demanding dance beats, the group worked the audience into a frenzy real quick.

School of Seven Bells – 7:15pm
Brooklyn-based pop duo, School of Seven Bells, was joined by two more musicians on the Redbull Stage at 7:15. Their timeless and dreamy pop was perfectly executed yet looked way too effortless.

The Moog – 7:30pm
At 7:30 p.m., these four Hungarian rockers delivered a strong, punchy set to their fans in the Champagne Room. The charismatic frontman even rubbed his nipples to the delight of lady fans crowding the front. They played the song, “I Want to Take You to Paris,” which although wasn’t a fan amongst the 826LA kids—joked the frontman—totally was for C.C. attendees.

of Montreal – 8:00pm
Beginning at 8 p.m. at the S.O.TERIK Main Stage, of Montreal made both hippies and hipsters feel at home. They opened with the lascivious tune, “Plastis Wafers,” and played a popular throwback anthem, “Oslo in the Summertime.” One again, they had crazy guest appearances, including a person wearing silk and a gas mask, in addition to characters with sequin capes that when removed, revealed costumes equipped with enormous titties.

Terminal – 8:00pm
Though soundcheck took longer than expected, it gave everyone plenty of time to pile into TAIX’s Front Lounge for Terminal’s set: mellow, pensive indie rock straight out of Denmark. It was the perfect mood setting music for the couple displaying massive PDA near the bar.

Resplandor – 8:30pm
At 8:30 p.m. in the Champagne Room, rock trio, Resplandor—and their simple, yet perfect mix of guitar, bass, and drums—proved that less is totally more powerful. Their dual vocals pleasantly lingered in the listeners’ ears, definitely making the audience wish Peru wasn’t so far away.

The Wombats – 9:00pm
At 9 p.m. at the Redbull Soundstage, indie rock trio from Liverpool, England, The Wombats, led one hell of a lively set. Handclaps were frequent, drumming was excellent, and the raddest of guitar riffs dominated the set. Classic Wombats tune, “Kill The Director,” was a huge success—the crowd clearly loved the line “This is no Bridget Jones!”— as well as their recent single, “Jump Into The Fog.”

Gold Fields – 10:30pm
Packing the room to the gills, Gold Fields cranked up the dance for everyone to the point that they lost power…literally. After the power returning, the band pushed through a sweaty set leaving all parties happy.

Morning Parade – 11:30pm
Hitting the stage a little late, Morning Parade utilized their bright harmonies and dance inspiring tunes to close out the champagne room for the night.

Of Verona – 12:00am
The last artist of the night utilized their anthematic tunes to pull people into the TAIX lounge which was filled with projections on stage and shimmering instrument props.

We just want to send out a huge thank you to all of the artists that performed, volunteers that donated their time, employees at all of the venues, the city of Los Angeles for letting us put this thing on and above all, you, the fans, for supporting good music.

Until next year.

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