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Clubfeet Releases New Album: Filter Q/A

By Kendah El-Ali on July 27, 2010


Clubfeet Releases New Album: Filter Q/A

There’s a little-known trio (at least in this hemisphere) belting out some of the more melodious, perfectly crafted pop music out there somehwere between Cape Town and Melbourne. Though their name conjures up lame mental imagery, their sound is absolutely not reminscent of a deformity. Sebastian Cohen, Yves Roberts and Monty Cooper are otherwise known as Clubfeet. Though their album, Gold On Gold, was released internationally last year, it comes out today via New York’s Plant Music (RIP Plant Bar) Stateside with an American tour to shortly follow. Though comparisons are widely drawn between Clubfeet and Hot Chip, The Teenagers and Junior Boys, the parallels short change the band’s salient ability to knock a pop song out flat . And it’s all done in some of the most beautiful, rhythmic and tasteful ways imagineable. “Edge of Extremes” “Six Days” and “Last Words” are the sort of tracks that will whip you into a nostalgic frenzy, austistically locked down on repeat until you basically can’t stand the sound of them anymore. And if you were the sort of self-respecting ‘80s child to sing in front of the mirror, get ready. Now, if they could only re-think their name.

Where are you guys now?

Right now Monty is in Cape Town, Yves is in Melbourne and Sebastian is in Sydney.

Whacha working on right now?

Notionally working on the new record and looking forward to all being back together next week for some live shows in Australia. Yves is just hanging out and has a suspicious silver paint ring around his mouth. We're playing next with a great new band called Gypsy and the Cat who also live in Melbourne - they are super-rad dudes who are going to be huge. Kind of a Fleetwood Mac meets long haired, drug addled, umm... well kinda like Fleetwood Mac actually. Then we're all heading up to a festival called Splendour in the Grass next weekend to get loose and see all our friends play and hang out. We'll be in the US after the northern summer. Our dermatologist says we can't take too much sun until the dermabrasion has healed.

How has it been, being on Plant Music and how has that influenced the direction the band is moving in?

We aren't really club kids by nature, at least not since Seb lost his Sasha and Dickweed Northern Exposure CD 10 years ago, so it's really good to dip into a different kind of scene. Doing more remixes and DJing has kind of turned on some new lights for us. We are naturally pretty laid back, musically, so I don't think it will mean that we'll ever do bangers, but maybe some Yacht-Kraut Rock. The Plant guys are really good examples of 'Digital 2.0' label guys - they found us on MySpace, everything is about blogs, remixes, awesome gigs - their passion is really humbling and we are really lucky to have them and be a part of their musical family.

Beyond obvious comparisons to everything from The Teenagers (which are quoted in a track) and the Lost Boys soundtrack, what are really your musical influences?

I suppose our real love is nostalgia. Sepia tones, Peter Gabriel blaring out of a boom box in Say Anything, lost innocence, broken hearts and dreams, those sun drenched days with girls that you know are slipping though your fingers even as you try to savour them. Musically then, we really like Enya, "Do the Bartman" and Delphic. We draw the line at Mike and the Mechanics though, that's just fucking depressing.

What makes the perfect pop song?

It's all about something being a bit skewed. We are pop fans, so a flaming chorus is a must - but if it feels too contrived then it's no good. If it sounds like a Swedish professional song writer has written it then it's a “boo,” if it sounds like a drunk kid has written it then it's a "yay!” Choruses can't feature the word "Love" or "Heart" unless they're REALLY skewed.

What's in the works for the future? Gold on Gold was released about a year ago internationally, so now with a Stateside tour on the way what's next?

We're working on some tracks for a new record at the moment - the current one is about swimming with hammerhead sharks called "Our Love is Like a Tarantula, 8 Reasons to Touch.” See skewed comment.

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