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Chrome, Drugs and Harmony: 3 Films That Inspired Harmony Korine to Make Movies (NSFW)

By Staff; photo by Annabel Mehran on March 25, 2013


Chrome, Drugs and Harmony: 3 Films That Inspired Harmony Korine to Make Movies (NSFW)

When you make a career out of being ultra-realistic to the point of non-sequitur abnormality, it only makes sense to try to make sense of, well... the nonsense. Such is the case behind the images and scripts behind infamous filmmaker Harmony Korine, who has conceptually thrived on the junction between controversial absurdity and ingenuity. Here, we get Korine to recall a few films that have, in some way, influenced his aesthetic and work. The result is multifarious, to say the least, but what can you expect from the guy who somehow mixed drugs, sex, guns and Disney stars in his latest film?



The Goonies


Directed by Richard Donner

I love that movie because it looked like where I lived a little bit. It was one of those movies where it’s so rainy that I could recognize the place as being real, like it actually happened in the world. I know it was shot in Northern California or whatever, but I just responded very much to the locations of Goonies. [Editor’s note: Most of the on-location scenes were actually shot in Oregon.]




The Pam and Tommy Lee Sex Tape


I just love the Pam and Tommy Lee sex tape. When that dude pulls his dick out when he’s driving, that’s hilarious. He makes a wristwatch with his cock. It’s just them fucking on boats and shit, and it’s hilarious.






Wake in Fright (also known as Outback)


Directed by Ted Kotcheff

I just watched this Australian film (which until 2009 was out of print, lending the Australian New Wave film a sense of mystique) and it was terrific. It doesn’t even have to do something new—that’s not it. You want to be entertained— that’s the thing—it needs to be entertaining, but also you want to feel something.






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