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BLOG: The Black Keys Unveil Internet Awesomeness

By Mikela Floyd on March 30, 2010


BLOG: The Black Keys Unveil Internet Awesomeness

Move over, Keyboard Cat. There's a new musically inclined creature on the scene, courtesy of Akron rockers The Black Keys, and his name is Frank. Frank the Funkasuarus. The guys have released a new, unofficial video for "Tighten Up," and in doing so, have eased their way in as my favorite youtube video. You combine blues-y gritty rock & smooth-movin' dinosaurs? It's a can't miss in this girl's book (an albeit nerdy one, as it were). So, check it out below, and be sure to read the scroll. Frank is on the prowl for some puppet-loving ladies. I might just have to jump back to the Jurassic era. Frank moves pretty good.

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