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BLOG: Marina and the Diamonds Live in Los Angeles

By Holly M. Gray on July 20, 2010


BLOG: Marina and the Diamonds Live in Los Angeles

The Welch act, Marina and The Diamonds, has been building a steady buzz in the US for quite sometime now.  However, you would have thought she was in the entirety of Los Angeles' iPods by the looks of the sold out show at Troubadour on July 6.   

Marina Diamandis, no doubt slightly nervous for her first official LA show, hit the stage in what could be called a 90's hit - a pair of Mickey Mouse white and red overalls (One side down, of course.), black tee, high heels and florescent orange lipstick and nails.  It was on.  

Marina was playing with a stripped down band - which was slightly disappointing as I was hoping to see the whole shebang… but alas, it was not so. Despite being a few carats short, the show was undoubtably enjoyable.  Not only did Marina deliver, but it was also amazing to see how invested the concert goers were during the concert - hanging on every word, movement and beat.  I'm quite positive anyone in the room could have recited any given song at the drop of a hat. 

If Marina and the Diamonds happen to pop by your town… go check out this gem.  You won't be disappointed. 

Marina and the Diamonds' debut album, The Family Jewels is available now via 679 Recordings.

Check out Marina and the Diamonds' latest video below: 

Oh No! 

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