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A SXSW Tour Diary By Reese Richardson of NO

By Reese Richardson; photos by NO on March 19, 2014


A SXSW Tour Diary By Reese Richardson of NO


Still getting back on your feet from SXSW? Us, too. While we were busy on Rainey and Cedar streets, one of our favorite new bands (and our neighbors) NO were kind enough to share with us their SXSW experience: including their own label showcase for Arts & Crafts, a traditional stop to one of Austin's most famous BBQ joints and more. Read below for Reese Richardson's report from the road. Thanks, guys!

Lots of van trouble on the way into Austin made our journey very slow. We had to stop and re-start our van about every 30 minutes due to a faulty engine computer.

We all really enjoyed playing the Arts & Crafts showcase at the Swan Dive! The crowd was great and the show was really energetic. Also, we got to see Timber Timbre perform after, who I'm obsessed with.

We all really appreciated the sky writing on March 14 because we have a little song to help us memorize digits of Pi when we're bored in the van. We're at 20 something digits now.

We have a couple songs featured in Jemaine Clement's new film What We Do in the Shadows. We were invited to a screening and could not have laughed harder! Make it a top priority to see this flick!

One of our annual SXSW traditions is heading out to The Salt Lick. It's about 30 minutes from town but we all look forward to it all year. It was the perfect way to close out our busy week!

This concludes our 2014 SXSW tour journal.




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