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Writer, Miss Mermaid

By Staff on December 1, 2010


Writer, Miss Mermaid

San Diego's garage styled, lo-fi duo, Writer, have been working hard on their forthcoming album Brotherface. To give you a little taste of what you can look forward to, the brothers have released their first single.

"Miss Mermaid" situates these San Diego residents into a comfortable place between garage-rock and lo-fi surf-pop and I am ok with it! The brother's who make up Writer (James and Andy Ralph) have been writing together for years and if "Miss Mermaid" is any indication, these guys have definitely found a sound that works.

Listen to and download "Miss Mermaid" below.

| Writer - 'Miss Mermaid' MP3 |

Brotherface will arrive in early 2011. 


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