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WATCH: Villagers Get Animated With “The Bell”

By Staff on February 20, 2013


WATCH: Villagers Get Animated With “The Bell”


Irish band, Villagers, have already received a lot of recognition for their upcoming album, {Awayland} and with good reason. They recently premiered the video for their second single, "The Bell," which showcases the depth of their sound with animated visuals along with live passion. We can't wait to hear more from the band when {Awayland} comes out on April 9 via Domino Records.


The video combines live footage of the band performing with animated visuals that enhance the layers and sounds of the song, as directed by Alden Volney. The live performance was filmed and directed by Sebastien Escalante and really captures the emotion and passion that is put into the song. Songwriter, Conor O'Brien, manages to layer different sounds cohesively to create a soundscape that is captivating, while also writing engaging lyrics one could listen to over and over again. The visuals of the video build with the music, creating an overall experience worthy of attention.


You can check out the video for "The Bell" below and be sure to pick up {Awayland} on April 9!


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