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WATCH: Tomas Barfod Sets A Man Adrift In “November Skies”

By Staff on June 4, 2012


WATCH: Tomas Barfod Sets A Man Adrift In “November Skies”

Take a step outside, lean back in your office chair, whatever, and steal a glance at the sky. November skies may not hang overhead just yet, but that's okay, because this new track/video by Tomas Barfod ("November Skies," of course) suits the summer atmosphere just as well as that autumn-to-winter transition. The song, featuring Sweden's Nina Kinert, produces what could be compared to an abstract-landscape painting, which is, more or less, what the music video aims for as it follows the drifting body of a man through the colorful, obscure environments of some form of old-school iTunes visualizer (32-bit). The message the video emits, in its own way, is rather sad.

But the song lifts it up. Kinert's echoing vocals help the man to soar, rather than fall. It's obscure; it's interpretable; it's trippy enough—certainly worth a listen and a view. Directed by The Great Nordic Sword Fights, the video premiered via Gorilla vs. Bear earlier today.  Check it below.

Also, make sure to check out the rest of the LP, Salton Sea, out now on Friends of Friends.

Tomas Barfod's Come to Party EP is out June 12, also via Friends of Friends.

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