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WATCH: The Ting Tings “Hang It Up”

By Staff on October 18, 2011


WATCH: The Ting Tings “Hang It Up”

The Ting Tings are back at it again, releasing a new music video for their single "Hang It Up." The single is said to be part of their upcoming album--title and date of release are yet to be disclosed--which will be released on Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation.

The video is filmed entirely in a skate park. The band performs whilst skateboarders invade the space. There are scenes with Katie White (guitar, vocals) and Jules De Martino (drummer) sword fighting inside an empty, graffiti-illuminated pool. The song is upbeat, and reminiscent of their debut record. You can watch it below.

Check out their interview with Life+Times, where TTT discuss their album but do not divulge its title.


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